Thursday, May 7, 2009

cuteness, craftyness, and crazyness

Let's start with the crazy.
Yesterday I went to the DMV to get my Washington licence. I figured it was about time since I've been officially living here for... uh, less than 30 days of course, and since it expires on my birthday (which is rapidly approaching).
I'd been looking forward to my upcoming DMV experience for days (much like you do, I imagine) and when the time came to go I gathered my documents carefully. I had researched what I needed on-line so the trip would be smooth and painless and as quick as possible.
Like a good shave.
What? Ok, I'm tired, let's get on with the story!
During the wait I preoccupied myself with my newly acquired restless leg syndrome and a survey about seat belts and then finally they called my number.
I hopped up to the counter and presented the lady with my papers.
DMV lady: And another form of i.d. please?
Me: Oh, um, ok. {I pulled out another i.d.}
DMV lady: And another form please?
Me: Wha....? Ok, does this work?
DMV: No.
Me: I... I don't know... What else do I need?
DMV: Did they give you a brochure at the front desk?
Me: ...
{She gives me a brochure and highlights my other options for i.d., none of which I have on me of course}
I don't have anything else for you I guess.
DMV: That's ok, I'll just enter in everything we have for you now so when you come back it will be quicker. {she really was very nice}
But as I was standing there, something very strange happened.
I started to cry.
At first it was just a prickle, then a slow welling, and then I was casually wiping under my eyes while pretending nothing was happening.
DMV: Do you need a kleenex?
Me: Oh! Pssh, no. I'm fine! Great!
The tears started flowing faster while I mentally flogged myself trying to make it stop.
DMV: You're not crying because you don't have enough i.d. are you?
Me: Of course not! I... It's the baby! It's making me crazy! And now I can't stop. Maybe I do need a kleenex, do you have some there? I really don't do this normally, I'm not even that upset, it's just the baby!
I seriously felt like a crazy person. And I didn't stop crying until I got to my car after bawling at the counter for like 10 min while she entered my info.
Weird. And embarrassing.
I went back today and got everything taken care of in case you were wondering.
On to the cuteness!
Meet my baby boy!

I know it's so hard to see what's actually going on in ultrasound pictures but I'm convinced that he is pretty much the most adorable baby ever. What can I say, these are only pictures a mother could love.
You can see his open little mouth in this one! It almost looks like he's smiling at us.

He's already practicing his thumbs up here. It's a work in progress.
Some of you may be wondering if we got a "money shot" proving his manliness.
We did.
It was quite obvious actually.
I considered posting it but I figured I would wait until he was at least out of the womb before I embarrassed him publicly on the blog. Plus, I'm just not sure how I feel about a peeper being on my website. It is what it is.

And, if that's not proof enough at what a great mom I'm going to be I already bought him his first outfit...

and made the first craft for his room!

These are painted wooden letters with paper modge podged onto them. I would have done his name but... what is it? I don't know. That is yet to be determined. Management will consider all suggestions if you have any.


  1. OK your craft is so cute. I want to know where you got the letters and how you did it k?

  2. I love you. Hormones are crazy, but they sure make for good stories.

    I love family names. I would look at both sides of your families and see if anything strikes a fancy for a first or middle name. Although, my Josh doesn't have a family name other than his last. Poor middle(ish) child. Actually, I did look at a pedigree a few months ago and found that a great/g/g/g/g/g grandfather cousin of some sort had the name Joshua. I just didn't know it!

  3. Oh, Mari, this is too exciting! I am sure that he was actually waving hello to you. It looks kinda like that . . . doesn't it??

    And, if you feel weepy now, just wait until after he's born! Just make sure you always have a kleenex on hand.

  4. one of the only efficient places in vegas is the dmv. it was a very pleasant surprise. :)

    your craft is cute! i've been feeling the need to craft lately...specifically with some wood, paint, and modge podge. wish i was there to craft with you!

  5. Yeah, I am with your mom. If you think it's bad now, just wait! I think I cried for about a month straight after Ty was born. It was WAY better with McKay, but I still find myself getting weepy on occasion, and he is 3 weeks old now!

  6. I am supposed to be able to give a comment. We'll see. Great pictures. Sorry about the complications at DMV.

  7. Lol! That's funny. I had a similar experience at the chiropractor once, only it was after the kids were born. It was like a tsunami of tears! I felt nuts. It was my friend's family's office, too, so they probably thought I was a lunatic.

    Michael's a good name... ha ha ha! And we really liked the name Joseph, but we'd already chosen Emma. Joseph..Emma..might as well have named Katelynn Eliza or Jerusha and called it a day!!

  8. You tell stories so well, I could see you, crying, at the DMV - sad. Congrats on the little boy and you "DREAM" craft is very cute!! Good luck with the hormones!! At least you have a good excuse...

  9. It's ok...I cried the other day too! But hey, who doesn't get some sort of overwhelming emotion when going to the DMV?

  10. Hey!

    It's Caleb. Annie told me that you commented on our blog and so I searched for yours. You two are moving up in the world! Graduates, living in Washington, baby boy on the way. Sounds like life is good.

    I can't believe that Ty has a PhD! Where is he going to be working? I'm jealous. I wish I was done with school. I'm almost 2 years through medical school. That means I've got about 7 to go. Lovely. Luckily I just love studying and being in school all the time. j/k

    Please tell Tyson hello. I miss meeting up with him to go skiing. I've only been about 4 times in teh past 2 years. Hopefully you've got a resort close so you can enjoy some of the snow. Wish we could join you!

  11. You could just name him Dream.

  12. Country music. Stay AWAY from country music at any expense. I don't even LIKE country music. I only listened to it accidentally once while pregnant and sat in the grocery store parking lot bawling for 20 min. Be very aware.

  13. after Mariah was born (she's the 1st), we were driving away from the hospital in American Fork and right across the street is an Elementary School and I took one look at this random school and started bawling for some unknown reason. I cried the entire way home to Orem! I guess the flashes of her entire life cause some kind of overwhelming emotion and now she's going to be in the 4th grade. BOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!