Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter and such

Time for solids!
You'd think with a picture like this that things would be going pretty well, huh?
He is not a fan. Most days he'll just clench his jaw when he sees the food coming, on a good day he'll open his mouth once or twice before spitting it out. Eh, someday he'll learn.

We've also introduced the sippy cup!
Now this, he loves. That is, as long as no water actually enters his mouth. When it does he makes a face, spits it out, and then goes back to chewing on the soft plastic.

(pretend you didn't see the bumbo on the kitchen table)

We had a great Easter weekend by the way. Logan was thrilled to dye eggs which we definitely did not do during conference.
He was only mildly frustrated during the entire process which meant that I ended up dying eggs alone.

Luckily I love dying eggs!

Actually, my real favorite part is rinsing the dye down the sink. Not sure why but that, plus watching the tablets dissolve are the best parts of egg dying in my opinion. As far as eggs go I could take them or leave them.

We also did our annual egg hunt for each other. I've had a headache for three days from binging on chocolate. It has been equally delicious and painful. I'm probably going to need to do a cleanse once I run out.

There is also the option of implementing some self control but really? No. I'll have to do that once the boy is aware of what candy is and I'd rather not have to do that any sooner than necessary.

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. I'm with you on the dying eggs. I love dying eggs! I boiled two dozen just for that purpose, full-well-knowing that we would only eat maybe a dozen, but figuring that 88c is pretty cheap entertainment!

  2. (oh, btw...this is Becca Rosello, formerly of the Orem student married ward.)

  3. What are you mixing it with? I did Kalyn's with breast milk rather than water because it's a little sweeter. Or you could try a little apple juice or applesauce... maybe he will like it a little better.

  4. Sometimes I like to wake up in the morning and snack on left over brownies....the best breakfast EVER!