Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fluids fluids everywhere

It started with a regular old cold. Tyson, Logan, and I all had the sniffles. Well, while Tyson and I got over it in a few days Logan's stuffyness turned into an ear infection.


Although I did feel like supermom for following through on the hunch that his ear might be infected and catching it before it got too bad.

So we started Logan on a round of amoxicillan which he thoroughly enjoyed. Oh wait. I mean we all enjoyed it because it was being spit into our faces 3 times a day by one angry little boy. Nothing like a pink chalky facial.

Super fun. Oh and did you know that amoxicillan makes babies poop even more than they usually do? Well I didn't. That would have been useful information to have before I took Logan to the outlet mall an hour from home, fed him in the bathroom, and discovered he secretly and silently pooped. Pooped up his back and all the way to his shoulders. Poop that leaked out all over the front of my pants. Poop with a smell that burned its way into my nostrils.

Ladies, if there is ever an excuse to buy a new pair of pants, this is it.

But alas, I did not buy new pants. I just cleaned us off with about 47 wipes and a handful of paper towels and went on my way. I've never felt more sexy.

Then, a couple days after the poop incident, less than a week after the ear infection (we are still on our round of amoxicillan by the way) I hear Logan crying weakly at about 4 in the morning. I went in to check on him and found he had thrown up all over himself and his sheets and was still dry heaving.


That was a long day. A long, messy, laundry filled day. Babies don't aim for the bucket by the way. They like to snuggle mom while they barf. At least it only lasted one day.

UNTIL IT DIDN'T. I woke up the next morning to find Logan covered in a spotty rash. I gotta be honest, the anxiety of having a sick baby is not good. I felt like I was going crazy. The next day his rash was even worse so to the doctor we went.

Turns out it was a rash caused by the stomach virus. Ok, I can deal with this.

BUT THEN... the next morning he had a different rash all over his body. This one looked like gigantic hives. The first rash was fading away and being replaced by hives that were as big as the palm of my hand.

So I called the doctor for the 437 time (and by that I mean I called my brother-in-law who is a doctor and the pediatrician) and we determined that Logan wasn't going to die and this second rash could either be from the amoxicillan or the virus. All I needed to do was make sure he didn't stop breathing and finish out the antibiotic. A few days later both the rashes went away and I finally started breathing again.

In the end nobody died although I think my grey hair count doubled during those 10 days (from 2 to 4, but still), and the pediatrician decided that we probably shouldn't give Logan amoxicillan anymore.

I've never had more fun.


  1. aw!!! poor baby and poor mommy!! One of my kids is allergic to amoxicillin too.

  2. DEFINITELY no more amoxicillin. Trust me-I've got a family full of allergies-food and otherwise. Keep an eye on him as you feed him solids.

  3. Oh my heck!!! You poor thing!!! I'm so glad little Logan is feeling better!!
    I gotta say, the title of this post was most effective in catching my eye and grossing me out. I knew I just HAD to read what it was about.

    I hope you have some way fantastic days to make up for the way "crappy" ones. :)

  4. That same thing happened to my neice with amoxicillin. Your a great mom and so sorry that happened:(

  5. I totally understand how aweful it is to have a sick kid. Cameron was sick for five days with a fever, and just so miserable. I absolutely loved cuddling him during that time. I was afraid if I put him down something bad would happen. I'm glad Logan is doing better.

  6. Oh, wow! You have more baby pooping stories than anyone I know (that admits it). I'm glad you all are alive and finally healthy!

  7. Oh that is so scary! I'm glad he is better now and rash free. I hate rashes and trying to figure out where they're from and how to get rid of them.

  8. Jacob had a very similar reaction to Augmentic (related to amoxicillan) just after he was a year old. The gigantic hives freaked me out! He looked awful because they were so red, so huge, and so swollen! The poor thing looked like he had been beaten up. My doctor said it was erythema multiforme. So we haven't given him Augmentin for a year. Now that he's two we can finally test to see if it's a true allergy. I wonder if it was the same thing for Logan.

  9. oh goodness… what a rough time! You know I can relate. :) I hope everyone is feeling much better by now.