Sunday, October 25, 2009

One month

I can't believe my bitty baby is one month old today! Bah! I'm pretty sure this has been the fastest month of my life which seems weird since I've been awake for more of this month than any other. This has also been a month of much learning. For example, I learned how not to give a baby a bath by yourself:

1. Don't pick up a naked baby with ice cold hands. The baby will scream as if shot and continue screaming for the duration of the bath. (I'd cry too)

2. Don't fill the tub with the perfect temperature of water and then spend the next 20 minutes playing with baby. The water will cool to an uncomfortable lukewarm before he's even in there and the baby will scream for the duration of the bath.

3. Don't hold the baby awkwardly by one arm while bathing him. He will slip and squirm and startle and feel like he's falling and scream for the duration of the bath.

4. Don't leave the towel on the bar.

5. Don't stand in the middle of the bathroom holding a screaming, naked, freezing baby at arms length while wondering how to get the towel off the bar.

6. Don't spend several minutes calming a naked baby wrapped in a towel. It is better to get the torture of bathing and dressing over all at once.

Yeah, it was rough. Let's just say it took a lot of snuggling, rocking, and hair brushing (he takes after his mother in liking that one) to calm him down and convince him to forgive me.
In honor of his one month birthday I meant to take a million pictures and show them ALL to you, but alas, I left my camera at Tyson's parent's house so here are a couple pictures from a few days ago. He still basically looks like this.
Here he is trying to smile at me. He's almost mastered it, heh heh. It does make me wonder though, since I know he's imitating me, how much of a goober I look like grinning at him.

And here he is looking a bit more normal.

Happy one month birthday son!


  1. All good lessons learned. :D I'm enjoying my one month old too! :)