Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Midnight adventure

Ok so this didn't really happen at midnight, it was more like 2:37, but I thought that made for a better title.

I was maneuvering Logan into position for a late night feeding when Tyson observed that our boy was rather stinky. I directed a little mental energy to my olfactory glands and agreed that yes, the odor actually was quite overpowering.

Now here's my dilemma.

Frequently when Logan eats he makes a little poo. Makes sense to me, he's a little person right? If something is going in, he's gotta make room for it with something coming out. So I should change his diaper after he eats.

But... at night my goal is to get him back to sleep ASAP-o-rama - feeding him puts him to sleep, changing his diaper wakes him up. So I should change his diaper before he eats.


Usually I change him after and suffer the late night consequences, however, since he was already stinky Tyson volunteered to change him before and I willingly surrendered the babe to him.

As I drifted back into my coma for another few minutes of precious precious sleep I heard Tyson say there wasn't much in the diaper, he must have just been a little tooty.

2 seconds later I heard Tyson shriek and I sat up to see what could only be described as projectile poo flying through the night. After pausing briefly to snicker (for some reason Tyson wasn't quite as amused), I jumped to my husband's aid and helped mop up the damage.

I then scooped up my sweet little baby to feed while Tyson spent the next several minutes washing his hands... and feet.

P.S. Apparently we have an equal opportunity kid. He had a major blow out while sitting on my lap this morning. Super fun!


  1. Didn't you say what goes in must come out. You didn't say how!

  2. We had a similar experience except it wasn't in the middle of the night and after the poo Eric yelled for me and by the time I got there the kid was peeing all over too. I couldn't stop laughing and my post partum lack of bladder control kicked it. Good times

  3. Welcome to motherhood. Love the new photo in your header!!

  4. Can't tell you how many times stuff like this happens! Wait till they poop in the tub! It's soo fun! You know the wierd thing is that you just get used to poop and barf... really after a while, it's no biggie. Just clean er up! And go on with the day! XOXO

  5. i always fed lucy in between sides nursing-- maybe that will help?? that way you get a little of both! haha...

  6. i'm glad tyson has been properly initiated into fatherhood.

    i didn't mind the early blowouts as much as i have loved the older baby playing in their stinky blowout in their crib instead of crying for a diaper change (that goes for puke too). maybe it's just my kid...

  7. LOL! Ahh the joys of parenthood. It is just the beginning of many bodily function messes to be sure. :) LOVE the new header BTW, what a sweet boy. Wish I were close enough to take some pics!

  8. HA HA HA.
    once, i was changing baby jonas on my bed, i lifted up his legs and leaned over to grab the diaper. good thing i leaned over because he shot poop (no other way to describe it) just as i did. it went across the room and splatted on the wall. i laughed my head off.

  9. I remember Cameron had a huge blowout at school once, so I took him out to the car to change his diaper. After I had cleaned him up and had his bare bum on the seat, he decided to have another blowout right on the seat of my car! Thank goodness for leather seats that clean easily. After that, I just kept dumping wipe after wipe on the parking lot. I promise you'll have lots more...well interesting experiences to come!

  10. OK my pee incident was way better than your poo!

  11. So you haven't been hit in the face in the middle of the night with the sprouting fountain yet? I agree-I always changed after the feeding-saved some extra work since they poo anyway! I remember the first time I took my first baby to Relief Society (they had it during the week in the olden days) and Jen pooed so bad-all up her back and into her clothes-that I just gave up cleaning her and went home. Ahhh, good times!

  12. haha, happened to me too, but I was at church, out of town, and didn't have a change of clothes. Wonderful!! I don't know if you'd be interested in them, but I have friends who swear by cloth diapers. They say bumgenius.com diapers are the best. I haven't tried them yet, but they all tell me they have NEVER had a blow out with the cloth diapers and their kids don't get diaper rash either. Just a thought. They're expensive, but, I'm told, completely worth it.