Sunday, October 18, 2009

Auntie Em, Auntie Em!

Did you guys see that episode of fringe where people were literally dying of exhaustion?
I can so relate.

It's no big deal really, except that I think my blog is gonna be real boring because I have a hard time doing stuff, like thinking. Sorry folks. As a result I think this will temporarily be a blog that only a grandparent would love with 800 billion photos of Logan.

As for our latest update: Logan's Auntie Em came for a visit this weekend! Actually, Logan has two Aunt Emilys as both Tyson's and my youngest sister share that name.

We all enjoyed having her here, especially once Logan realized she was as easy to sleep on as the rest of us.
She's so pretty.
And kinda funny. For example, we were at the mall and she was pushing Logan in the stroller. I made some comment that people were gonna think he was her baby to which she replied, "They'll know he's yours, you look like you just had a baby."
Then she backpedaled and told me some story of a lady who had a baby and didn't look as good as I did.
Ah, Emily, how we love you.
I shall now sprinkle these photos with a few random thoughts...
I'm pretty sure there needs to be a universal "dude your blinker is on" hand gesture that we can give each other on the road. Perhaps the "beam" of "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam"? Let's try it.
I have found that there is nothing more satisfying, save a good piece of chocolate, than comforting a crying baby. Tyson doesn't feel that way. Is it a mom thing? A woman thing? A me thing?
I look forward to the day when Logan smiles and is actually awake.


  1. That is so sweet.....he is darling!! I'm still laughing at Em's comment...... sooooo funny!!

  2. you have a really cute baby. it makes me want to have another. . .just so i can take pictures of it.

  3. that is hilarious- and i am sure you don't look like you just had a baby because you were so dang skinny to begin with! your little boy is darling.

  4. so what you're saying is the best post pregnancy pictures are exclusively head shots? You're head (and by that I mean your beautiful face) is looking great btw. you'd never know you were pregnant. ;o)

  5. I don't think your blog will ever be boring with your writing skills. I didn't even recognize your sister-she's all grown up...and GORGEOUS! And lol to her comment!

  6. Logan is adorable!
    I always ask Kalyn what she is dreaming about when she smiles in her sleep. Maybe you can ask Logan and see if he knows what babies dream about... Kalyn hasnt answered me.

  7. Gave me a good laugh that sister of yours. And then some more from you on signaling the stagnant blinker people. I've tried driving in front of them and changing my blinkers from right to left and quickly back again...all to no avail. They refuse to pay attention. In fact, if they were they probably just thought I was nuts. So I give up.