Friday, October 2, 2009

The birth - part 2

Ok, where was I... Dilated to a 6 and discovering I was in labor, right.
So, even though I wasn't really feeling that much pain I thought that I should probably request an epidural because it might get worse. Looking back that was probably the best decision I made that night.

I was so happy to find that I had really good staff helping me, the iv was put in quickly and the epidural was very tolerable.

Unfortunately, due to the epidural and/or who knows why my labor totally stalled out and I was stuck at 6 cm until 2 a.m. when the doctor finally came in and broke my water. I think the idea was for me to get some sleep and really relax before I needed to push, but the epidural and I started having a love/hate relationship that made it hard for me to calm down. Not feeling contractions - good, not feeling my legs, like at all - bad. And frustrating. I also started shaking really hard which was impossible to control and kinda embarrassing for me every time the nurses came in.

Oh and get this, they had to give me medicine for what? Heartburn. Yeah, I know. It haunts me.

So when the doc came in and broke my water I was happy to get this labor going again and meet my baby! And get my labor going it did. Unfortunately, it also got something weird going on with Logan. It seems like baby's heartbeats are always fluctuating during labor, so when the nurse said that something like that was going on with him, I didn't get that nervous. She had me change positions several times to try and get his heart beat back to normal and then strapped an oxygen mask to my face so that he would at least get a higher concentration of it in his blood.

A bit before 4 am the doctor came back and checked me. 9.5 cm, yay! However, the baby's heartbeat was making him nervous, especially because he couldn't tell why it was going down so much. He watched the printout of my contractions and Logan's heartbeat for a long time without really saying anything. Finally he said the words I had been dreading, "I think we should do a c-section."


A c-section was my worst fear. Especially after laboring for so long I was not excited to give it all up for a c-section.

Very quickly, people started coming in a getting ready for me to go into surgery. The anesthesiologist filled a syringe with drugs, someone brought clothes for Tyson to change into, and reports that they were holding the o.r. for us came in.

But the doctor still wasn't sure.

He said that all signs were saying that my baby was totally healthy except for this heartbeat problem. He really didn't want to do a c-section for a healthy baby.

Finally, after a few more minutes of agonizing deliberation that involved everyone but me, the doctor said that he would check me again. If I was at a 10 I would push, if I was a 9.5 we'd go in for a cesarean.

I was at a 10.

Game on.

Now, here's where my perception of things varies from reality mainly because I couldn't see what was going on.

My point of view:

The nurse and the doc quickly explained how I was supposed to push and on their mark I went for it. I was sure to glance at the clock so I would know how long I was pushing.

It was about 4:10

I pushed like my eyeballs were going to explode and prayed that I was making progress since I couldn't feel a darn thing. I could hear the doctor mumbling something about being transverse and the nurse asking him if he wanted forceps. He said no, thank goodness! Everyone, and by everyone I mean the doc, the nurse, Tyson, my mom, and the whole O.R. team, was cheering me on so I kept at it.

At some point during the pushing phase I heard a LOUD sucking sound and I glanced up to see the doctor jerking back with a surprised look on his face and blood spraying across the room.

I couldn't dwell on that though because the pushing must go on!

At 4:21 everyone shouted "stop!" so I did and a few seconds later Logan was out and being laid across my chest.

What really happened:

As I was pushing and the doctor was mumbling about being transverse, he was using both hands to try and turn the baby from inside me. Apparently we were in a rush and I basically had once chance to prove I could push this baby out, or else it was c-section for us. I pushed well, so we kept with it.

That loud sucking sound I heard? The doctor had been using a vacuum to help get Logan out faster and he was attempting to avoid an episiotomy. Because of the restricted space he didn't get a good grip on his head and the vacuum lost suction right as the doctor was pulling really hard.

Yeah, that epidural decision? A good one.

Two seconds later he snipped an episiotomy and was assisting the birth again. Logan's head came out so fast I tore some more and everyone was shouting stop so they could unwrap the cord that was all around him.

And then I had him wriggling on my chest.

I left the hospital with a 3rd degree tear which one of the nurses jokingly called a vaginal c-section (sorry to use the v-word) which has been a beast to heal from but Logan has been an angel which has made everything easier.

We are healthy and happy and don't ever want grandma to leave or Tyson to go back to work!


  1. It was fun hearing the rest of your birthing story. It did indeed get a bit more exciting! Aren't epidurals heavenly? Glad you didn't have to get a c-section after all. Way to be a good pusher! He is adorable! That last picture of him is sure cute, he looks so content and has a little grin on his face it looks like. I'm sure you are certainly enjoying that little boy!

  2. Wow, what an intense experience! Im so happy that everything turned out for the best. C-Sections are that bad, however, they too, are a beast to heal from, unless you have the appropriate drugs!

    Logan is probably one of the top 3 cutest babies Ive ever seen.

  3. Wow, he is just an angel. Labor and delivery is AMAZINGLY hard, but at least it is all over! WAY TO GO!

  4. So cute! I love that little smile in the last picture.
    I love to hear birth stories from the patient point of view - I think it makes me have better perspective, and be a better nurse.
    I can't believe they didn't tell you they were doing a vacuum though. Weird.

  5. Yeah good choice on the epidural....I don't think I have ever said that to anyone but I WILL say it to you! Ouch, ouch, ouch!
    Congrats! he is so adorable! Enjoy every moment with them because before you know it, they are TWO and running without pants around the house. At least now you can contain them ;)
    They are such a blessing!
    -Amy Starnes

  6. Epidurals are the bomb...except for the uncontrollable shivering! I get that too! It sucks! But Mr. Logan sure is cute! It was worth it.

  7. Oh Mari, he is so precious... I LOVE THE LAST PIC OF HIM. And he has hair just like Max did when he was born. Yes, and thank goodness for epidurals and vaginal vacuums!

  8. he is so so handsome.

    i cried for you, literally, when the doctor first said c-section. so glad everything worked out the way it did for you!

    a job well done, all nine months + of it! it's all worth it!

    congrats again!

  9. Wow!! What an intense story!! I'm glad everything came out ok.
    He is beautiful little boy. I hope you heal quickly and I'll have to call you soon!

  10. YAY Mari! Go girl! I'm so proud of you! And he is sooooo stinkin' cute! Who knew you'd have such a cute little boy! Okay, not that much of a stretch!

  11. Oh he is do dang cute! I had one of those 'V' C-sections too... haha. The nurses thought I was crazy for not wanted prescription pain killers. And PS you look so cute in all of your hospital pictures, like cute rosy cheeks and everything, I looked like someone just died. literally- just awful. you're a doll! Congrats!

  12. He is absolutely adorable!! I had the same thing happen except mine ended up in c-section... and it was a beast (especially the healing)!! Congrats on such an adorable little man!!

  13. He looks so sweet, Mari! Congratulations to you both. Babies are so wonderful! :)

  14. Mari! Congratulations! What a story! I'm so glad you didn't have to go c-section. Bet you're glad that I told you to be practicing pushing:). Anyways, Logan is beautiful!

  15. The gift of life is the most amazing thing to me, especially when that life is so brand new. Thanks so much for sharing. These stories always make me get all moist in the eyes =D Can't wait to see him in person!!

  16. Oh my gosh, he is the sweetest thing ever! I just want to scoop him up and snuggle him! How is your poor Mom going to leave? I had the same kind of tear-it's an ouch, but it gets better eventually! Hang in there!

  17. Oh yay! So glad you didn't have to have the C-section either. Logan's beautiful. I can't wait to meet him. I hope you're able to get a little rest. The first few weeks are a blur.

  18. Mari-
    A million congratulations to you on Logan finally getting here!! I'm obviously a little late, but I've been thinking about you and am so happy for you! So fun to hear the birth story; thanks for sharing. And bravo to you for even getting it written down before he's three months old! You are amazing! Hope all is going well; the next little while will just fly by. As my boss told me just before Henry was born, this time in your life will be really really hard, but when you look back you won't remember any of the hard times. Enjoy it and take care!! He is so incredibly adorable!!!

  19. Congratulations! He is sooooo cute! Appreciate the email from Tyson - just returned from being and hugs to you all! Lori and Andrew too!

  20. Gosh I was so nervous that you were going to say they ended up cutting you! Sure glad they didn't! And really sorry about the tearing part...that is awful. That part makes me wonder why the heck we moms keep doing this over and over. :)

  21. Loved the story!! Wow, is he cute!! They always get cuter with each new picture. I'm so glad you didn't have to get a c-section, I heard those are a beast to heal from (I tore too and would rather have it that way). Congrats again!!