Thursday, July 2, 2009


My dr. just called and said I failed my 1 hour glucose test for gestational diabetes.
By 3 points.
Now I have to go back on Thursday for a 3 hour test that includes getting my blood drawn 4 times.
Did I mention that I hate needles?
Big time?
Let's all just hope that this next test comes back negative and I'm good to go, k?
The magical glory and joy of the 2nd trimester has officially ended.

In other news I made something new for the baby's room.
With a couple of old frames and some leftover paint and scrapbook paper...


Someday these will be hanging on the wall above a dresser but for now, they lean on the floor.

Til next time.

Peace out.


  1. Aw, super cute. Where did you get the pattern for the turtles?

    Talk to Paula and Liz about GD. I'll cross my fingers for you that you pass the next test!

  2. Have I ever told you how much I love all of your craftiness? Because I do. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the paint job that is in the nursery and now I LOVE the turtles. I wish I had your awesome skills.

    P.S. Good luck with the diabetes test!

  3. Bummer on the glucose test! My friend failed hers too, but she never took it (oops). She just didn't have time, then the baby came! :) Good luck! Your turtles are SO cute though!!!

  4. I hate needles too. I hope you don't have to go alone!

    You are so creative and crafty! The pics look awesome!

  5. Stacey and I both failed the first one by a few points... and then passed the second one. I wish they would have told me to eat NO carbs whatsoever, only proteins for breakfast, cause they say that carbs can alter the test result.

    Should have warned you before hand. Sorry. I'm sure you'll pass the second one!

  6. Ooh... what a good idea. I might steal it. I've been having a really hard time finding art that I like for the nursery and you just solved that!

    Sorry you have to get poked again, I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors this time.

  7. heidi failed one of her one hour tests. i can't remember who she was pregnant with, but i want to say it was one of the boys.

    love the frames!

  8. Sorry to hear about the glucose test. I didn't pass the first time with Kenner either so I had to go back in and do that big ordeal. Not fun. It seems I just hated more not being able to eat and having to keep going back in every hour or so from work. But everything turned out fine. So, I wish the same to you, good luck. Also, you are so creative. You do such fun little things, way to go!

  9. I had this issue too. I would forget not to eat five cookies and a bowl of ice cream the night before I went to the dr. in the morning. My advice-NO SUGAR AT LEAST 12 HOURS BEFORE THE TEST. Hopefully that will do the trick! Then after the test-go get some cookies and ice cream. Good luck!!

  10. Really sorry about the glucose test bit. That is the worst test ever! I hope it doesn't make you too sick!

  11. Keep us updated! I'm not a fan of needles either! Good luck!

  12. I'm a fan of the turtles. Not a fan of diabetes. But, that's just me. I'm sure there are plenty of people who love diabetes!

    I'll think good thoughts for you.

  13. I passed my first barely, then the doctor made me take another one because he said I was "spilling sugar" in my pee. Luckily I looked online and learned not to eat my sugary cereal the morning before. >:[ Sure would have been nice if the doctor told me that himself. Hope it went better today!

  14. Try not to stress about your gestational diabetes test. I failed both tests, so they told me I had gestational diabetes. I left the doctor's office bawling! Then they put me on this crazy diet and I could hardly eat anything. The good news of this story is that after a few weeks on the diet, I almost passed out at the doctor's office at my next visit, and they decided that I really didn't have it. So always keep hope! :)

    P.S. The turtles are super cute! Look at you all crafty and cute!