Thursday, June 25, 2009


There are lots of things that make me happy.
Tyson for example. He is pretty much the most excellent source of happiness ever.

Also, pregnancy makes me happy. Yeah yeah, I complain about it a lot (there are just so many crazy things to discuss!) but I really do like it.

So when the two are combined...


I love our baby class.


  1. Tyson has mastered the "lean". Is that shirt from 7th grade too? hehe

  2. Oh they so don't get it though! Pregnancy is great though! We have #2 coming in January! I am currently 11 weeks and feeling great! Should be able to hear the heartbeat tomorrow!
    Oh, and by the way, you look GREAT! What a good looking momma you are!

  3. How did you get Tyson to go? Chris would have to be killed and carried to the class in a casket before he would go!

  4. Ah man, they never had a belly for the men to wear in the class we took. Glad you are enjoying your pregnancy!

  5. Your husband is a good sport!

  6. Adorable! I loved my birthing class too, it always made me so excited for what was to come. (Well, for the most know what I mean!)

  7. well here's hoping you like delivery just as much! ;)

  8. Wow. That husband of yours is a saint!