Monday, July 13, 2009

Golf and... 30 weeks!

So when I told my mom I was planning on going golfing her response was something like, "Wha...? With that belly?"
And I even took about 15 strokes off my game.
However, due to the heat and the 1,254,730 braxton hicks contractions I decided that this should be my last golfing excursion until after the baby comes.
Ah, it was fun while it lasted.

In other news, I am now 30 weeks pregnant! Woo hoo! I feel like this is a landmark week in the world of pregnancy and so I decided to celebrate it with a date at the pizza buffet and a batch of Tyson's delicious chocolate chip cookies (still haven't gotten the results of that glucose test, ignorance is bliss...).
Some newish things that have cropped up in the third trimester are:
-The worst heartburn ever. Like really, ever. I've never had heartburn before so I didn't know how bad it could be. Wow. I was waking up at night choking on stomach acid so I started taking prilosec, sleeping on multiple pillows, not eating after 7 ish, drinking milk with dinner, avoiding fatty and spicy foods, keeping tums in the kitchen, next to my bed, and in my purse, and eating raisin bran every day. Oh wait, the raisin bran is for a different problem... never mind. Anyway...
-The baby is moving differently now. Instead of getting mostly quick kicks and jabs I'm getting slower, more prominent movements. I think it's pretty cool feeling him slide along the inside of my tummy although sometimes it hurts a little!
-Sometimes I waddle. I try not to if I can help it though.
-The excitement is mounting! Only about 10 weeks left until I meet my little man.

Woo hoo!


  1. So, your comment about knocking 15 points off your score reminded me that when I was pregnant, my hand-eye coordination suddenly became super good! I can't catch. Period. So playing frisbee with my husband was always a chasing game for me, no catching was involved on my part, but then, when I was pregnant, suddenly I could catch everything!! It was amazing! Interesting how when you're pregnant, suddenly unathletic people become athletic!

  2. Just one little word of warning...any and all sugar + gestational diabetes = very large baby.

  3. You and Jessica are in the belly bulge race. It's very cute-except I know you don't think so!

  4. oi the heartburn. are you sleeping sitting up yet? maybe you have such bad heartburn because that kid has got a head of hair!

  5. I had bad <3burn, too. It's no fun. Hope it gets better for you. You *do* make one pretty cute pregnant lady, though. ;)

  6. I am so sorry about the heartburn--I can totally relate!! I got it terribly bad with both of my boys. There's an old wives' tale that the worse your heartburn is, the more hair your baby will have. I don't know if it's true or not, but both off mine came out with a full head of hair--one red, one blonde! So cute!

  7. Oh, you look so dang cute!! I had horrible heartburn with Haley and unfortunately I never really found anything that helped. I am so excited for you guys! Your belly is adorable. Can't wait to see your little guy!!!