Saturday, April 5, 2008


So having Mom and Emily in town has been so wonderful, especially since they are here for conference weekend! Since they are here we of course wanted to take advantage of actually going to a session and so mom got tickets from Michigan to get us in to the Saturday morning session.
We planned to get up early (6:30) planned out who was gonna get picked up when, lined up the schedules with the public transportation system, and were ready to go on our way.
Well, things didn't quite go as we planned. It wasn't really any one disaster, just a culmination of little time wasters that landed us in a ginormous crowd at 9:30 with just half an hour before conference began.

But the line was moving... we were inching forward... we could see the doors... we were just a handful of people away from getting in...

What's happening!?

The doors are closing, the conference center is full.

Yes it's true. We were within reach of getting into conference and we missed out on it by about five people.
We were disappointed for awhile but we were able to ease our grief with ice cream sandwiches and chocolate cookies.
Just kidding, we would never use food to solve our problems.
It all ended okay though, we got to spend time together which was the best thing, and we watched conference in the Tabernacle and there is nothing wrong with that. (besides those hard benches) (okay, kidding again, apparently it's time for me to go to bed)

Happy Conference Weekend Everyone!

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  1. Oh DANG! I am so sorry-I was imaging you guys up there in the loft just enjoying conference, and watching for you when everyone was standing.... and thinking of you watching Pres. Monson-who was the size of an ant speak...drat....(we've been to conference before)