Sunday, April 13, 2008

Good News

So we just found out that Tyson got an internship in Washington (state) that we were really gunning for.
If everything goes well with the internship we are almost guaranteed a job there which feels so good. I have to admit that even though Tyson is in a great field I still worry about him getting a "real" job. This internship will just bring us one step closer. The only downer is that he has to go up to Washington to start June 9th, but I will be in school and finishing other business (ie Adam going to the MTC, the praxis etc...) til June 25th so we'll be separated for a few weeks.
I know, it's tragic.
But in spite of that this will be such a great opportunity for us and it sounds like the company is really excited to have him there. Just don't be surprised if I blog 4 times a day while he's gone :-)


  1. Wahoo! That is good news! Being apart will definitely be tough, but at least it's not TOO long.

  2. Yeah!! That is exciting. At least you will be following him sooner than later...Right?

  3. Wow, congrats! I may have to come up & visit. I've never been to Washington & I hear it is GORGEOUS!! That is a long separation, but just think about the reunion. ;)

  4. Congratulations on the internship. Best wishes. What is it?

  5. It sounds like he'll be doing a lot of work with lasers and stuff. I only partly understand the things he does to tell you the truth. :)