Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A thanksgiving recap

Thanksgiving was the best!

We had so much fun with Emily and Jason that none of us were ready for the holiday to be over. Logan especially was in love with these new best friends who tickled him, chased him, and never even tried to change his diaper. 

We thought that a trip to Multnomah falls would be fun since it's a regular Oregon highlight. It was almost as if the pouring rain didn't even cross our minds when we left the house in regular shoes and coats with no thoughts of even looking for an umbrella. 

We were about halfway there when we thought, wait, are we seriously going outside in this?
Yes, I should have taken multiple self portraits so as to give myself a better option than this for the blog. But I did not. My bangs were like whoa.

Anyway, we did go outside in that rain and lucky for me I had an umbrella in my trunk which I immediately confiscated.
I had to move at light speed to keep people from stealing it which is why this picture is blurry.

Or a raindrop was on the lens. 

After we got home and dried out we made some chocolate covered oreo turkeys.

Which didn't look like turkeys at all.

Thanksgiving morning Tyson and I did our turkey trot. 

Logan didn't want us to leave but... he was fine :)

Tyson and I were separated most of the time since I was doing the 10k and he was doing the 5. This shot was taken by the race's photographer as he approached the finish. Go babe!

 I was too slow for the photographer unfortunately (fortunately? i'm not a pretty runner) but in spite of being slow I still made my goal of running a consistent 10 minute mile. In face I did 6.2 miles in 62 minutes so... basically the best 10 minute miles ever run.

People I passed:
An elderly man, possible octogenarian.
2 women speedwalking.
1 overweight woman.
a few others.

People who passed me:
At least 3 children 10 and under.
A woman pushing a double jogging stroller.
Someone with a turkey on their head.
Many others.

It was a good time. 

After our race we got ready and headed over to Tyson's parent's house for The Dinner.
15 seconds before we said the prayer Logan spilled a glass of water all over himself and was nude the rest of the day.

After a delicious meal we made more treat turkeys.

Some of which were more interesting than others...

I didn't take anymore pictures that day. We had a relaxing rest of the afternoon where the most dramatic event was when Logan did his business (it's becoming quite the event, miralax is on the job) and he ran back into the living room, arms in the air, and shouted "I did it!!!!" to anyone who would listen.

We were all grateful for his success that day.

On Friday we went and got our tree!

Considering we chose one that started about 5 feet above the ground it's amazing that it fits into our house perfectly.

Aren't newlyweds disgusting? Love them.

That night my aunt and her family came by for a visit,

we put up some decorations,
and our fun vacation was pretty much done.

We had a great Thanksgiving this year and are so grateful for all our friends and family. Love you all!


  1. HA HA HA! I can't stop laughing! Not because of your post (though funny as usual) but because of one of your pictures. Look at the one of you guys in front of the falls. Now look at your halloween post of you in the costumes. You're awesome. And your eyebrows are looking beautifully present these days.

  2. this made me laugh. you guys are too cute.

    i miss having a real tree.

  3. Lol, Brittany! That is awesome! We basically live our lives in costume, and obviously only have one pose.

  4. Aww.... Miralax is my best friend! Emily still goes to a "private" place to do her business, but it's all much less dramatic now. :) And she'll come running and say "I di-it! POOT!"

    Teehee. You should have tripped the guy with a turkey on his head. ;) Just kidding... or am I????

  5. Where did you cut down your tree? It looks like there were a lot of good ones!

  6. Love the Thanksgiving recap. Fun day.

  7. What gorgeous pictures. Looks like a fun time.

  8. I love that you get to wear scarves all the time. YOu look SO cute!

  9. Katie - We went to a place called tree wisemen. I love it there! Every tree is a winner... besides the 20 or so that I vetoed while we were there.