Friday, December 2, 2011


The other day I got together with a couple of my cute friends to make wreaths! 

I probably shouldn't make any more after this because I've been on a bit of a wreath kick lately and I have more wreaths than I know what to do with. As in, I've got 6 wreaths around the house right now and I already put 2 away.

It's like that time I was obsessed with clocks.

Here's the one I finished the day before my girls came over. I'll tell you about it later.
 No I won't.

Here's the recap. I cut about 6 million different sized circles out of satin, burned the edges, and then sewed them together with a pearl bead to make about 2 million flowers which I hot glued to a wreath form covered in the same satin.

All except for 3.

Those I used to make a headband.
(please ignore the clothes all over the floor. logan likes to empty the laundry basket and use it as a step stool. plus when i took this I was only thinking of sending it to my sister, not putting it out for the world to see.)

Anyway, I thought the wreath went well with the pumpkins from Halloween so... there you have it.

Back to the point, we had all seen these Christmas ball wreaths all around pinterest lately so we thought we would give it a shot.

Even after we found out you needed like a hundred ornaments to make it. 

Since I am cheap thrifty, I got mine at the dollar store and called it good.

We used a couple different methods when we made them. Amber used a garland as her base while Brittany and I strung ours on a wire hanger. 

Both methods worked great, I'd say if you want a larger wreath don't do the wire hanger method. You could also glue them on a wreath form too. The possibilities are endless! Or maybe limited to what hot glue can do for you.

We didn't bother gluing the tops to the ornaments before stringing them on although it might have been a good idea since about 4 of mine popped off as I was trying to twist the hanger back together. 

I love the colors she used!

This is Amber's unfinished wreath if you can believe it. She added a ton more balls later and it looks amazing! It is huge and spectacular.

Meanwhile, I had glued a few extra balls for filler and one of them popped off right after this picture.

Good thing I didn't try to glue them all on. 

Hopefully it lasts because I love it!


  1. The wreaths are gorgeous, Mari. You are very talented.

  2. AAAHh! Mari you NEED to show me how you made your flower wreath! I am in love!

  3. The rosette one is my favorite. Beautiful.

  4. fun! I love them all. can you come here and have a wreath party with me?