Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hello Blog!

So it turns out I can't do it all. Who knew?

Just kidding I actually did already know that.

But I guess when life got busy the old bloggy blog got put on the back burner.

What we've been up to:

1. I started getting up at 6 every day to run. Logan went all anti-stroller on me and with the time change it was too dark when Tyson got home from work for me to go out. Granted, it's darker than pitch at 6, but I tell myself that criminals and miscreants sleep in. Plus I have a sweet headlamp to light my way/blind my attacker.

This has probably been the main reason the blog has been neglected. My brain used to work better at night but now I'm half asleep by 9:30 and definitely in bed by 10.

Bonus: I'm pretty sure I'm ready for my 10K tomorrow!!!

2. I gave a demonstration on cake pops at my mother-in-law's super saturday.

In related news, Logan has learned how to say cake ball, climb onto the counter, sneak a bowl of melted chocolate up the stairs, and convince his mom that cake should be eaten after every meal.

Also, I have been amused by both his ability and inability to be deceitful. If he steals a cake ball while I'm in the shower he'll run upstairs with chocolate on his face and say "Cake ball! It's good!"

On the other hand, he climbed on the counter behind me while I was busy with dinner and started eating the bottoms of all the cake balls. Then he stuck them back in their wrappers so you couldn't tell they had been munched on. Sneaky sneaky.

3. I sorta, but not really, changed my hair/took my life into my own hands when I trimmed my bangs shorter than usual. They turned out ok.
Nothing says class like taking your picture with an open toilet in the background.

4. We've been sick with nasty colds.
This face pretty much sums up how we felt about it.

5. Emily and Jason are here for Thanksgiving!
This picture is totally old but I don't care.

Anyway, I started blogging before everyone woke up and they are all awake now. So I am off to play! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. OK - so I am having friends at my house this coming Friday and I SOO wanna make cake pops...any tips for the snowmen one??

  2. HA! I laughed out loud when I saw that picture of "sick Logan". Oh. My. Hilarious. Love it. :)

    AND your cake balls. Love those too. I would like some right now, but I suppose Mothers animal cookies will have to do...