Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The rest of our Utah trip

Creative title, huh? Oh well.

We got into Utah Saturday night and the first thing Logan did was try to rival my bruise with one of his own by pulling our 43 lb suitcase down on himself. 


Luckily a good night of sleep, grandma, and some ducks were able to help him forget.

He kept shouting "guys!" and then throwing cheerios to the birds surrounding him. 
This stroller was the bane of our existence. 
Logan loved pushing it with all his heart but it was such a pain to get him to any sort of destination while he had it. He would go in circles and zig-zags and sideways, and then get frustrated when he'd crash into things.

And we would get frustrated when he would crash into people.

Like at the airport. 
Luckily it was a good way for Tyson to kill time with Logan when he met up with us at the temple after Emily went through. We had a hard time finding a babysitter for Logan so Tyson ended up staying with him while I went. 

Another photo shoot with Tyson where I pretended it was our wedding day.
This was the only shot we got of our group. Whoops.
Em and me.
All the sibs.
Dad and daughters.
Tyson and I pretending we have no baby.
HA HA HA noooo. We would never do that. Especially not while we're on vacation.

Tyson, Logan, the stroller, and I also went to bridal veil falls one morning. 
 He insisted on taking his jacket off even though it was pretty cold in the mist of the falls.
 Once he found the rocks though, he was good to go.
 Unfortunately there were rocks everywhere...
 And he would stop.
 And sit.
 And never want to leave.
As a parent it is always nice to see your kid happy, but there are only so many mundane tasks that you can tolerate for so long, ya know?

So we went to the next mundane task, the park, where Logan had to make a tough decision between the swings and the slide.
 And then we fed him a red shaved ice which he immediately spit out and it dripped from his chin down under his shirt to his diaper.
 It's hard to see in this picture but he just looks so dang cute, am I right?

After the wedding we finished our trip the way we started it. 

We went and fed more ducks.
 When Logan started eating the cheerios off the ground we knew we were done. 
And that's the rest of our trip!

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