Friday, January 21, 2011

Busy busy busy

I believe that when people say you have a "busy" child what they really mean is "I pity the fool who dun have to raise this kid 'cause I bet her house looks like a tornado went through it".

And it does.

This also means that I am the mother at the grocery store who, after her child begs and pleads to be let out of the cart (including doing the sign for please, so cute) is released with promises of staying close only to immediately dismantle the entire sympathy section of the greeting card aisle in 3.5 seconds or less.

Would you like to see a small sample of the mayhem from just this morning? Really just an hour of this morning. He was on a rampage the likes of which I could not control which left me wondering where the boy who twirled to music and played in one place with his blocks went.

He does have some consistency to his destruction almost as if there are little rules in his head.

Rule one: Any surface easily reached by baby must be covered with random pilfered objects, preferably containers of some sort. Stacking is encouraged.
Yes, that is my bottle from the hospital. What? It makes a great toy. Once cleaned.

Rule two: Laundry in baskets will be freed from their confines at baby's earliest convenience. This leaves the basket free for easy pushing. If laundry is not readily available any well organized fabric will do.
For example, I was a friend's house practicing a song for church on Sunday and in the few minutes he was away from us he had completely emptied her drawer of dish towels. Nice.

Rule three: Books do not belong on shelves. It is good for baby to practice reading like mom and dad but if baby has no time to read the books should be thrown as quickly as possible around the room.
Rule four: Feminine hygiene products must be strewn about the bathroom and bedroom. While in public, all products will be removed from the purse and put on display for all to see. This is best accomplished while mom is distracted to maximize embarrassment.

There are no pictures of this one. You're welcome.

Rule five: After a particularly successful morning of tormenting and exhausting mom DO NOT take a nap. The adrenaline from being chased by her all day will aid in your success.
So, yeah. That was my day. Never fear though, solace was found in a bag of chocolate chips hidden in the car while I ran errands with Logan. (Note to self: no more going to the post office with him. Another section of cards successfully destroyed.) And of course this happened on the way home.

So, in order to balance out his insanity with a little insanity of my own I have multiple projects going on. I've decided to decorate our bedroom. Can I just say that painting went a lot faster before he was born? It was even better than this after he was born but while he stayed in an exersaucer. Now I can only do it while he naps.

But wait... no nap today of course so I'm stalled out there.

I also rufflefied the pearly toilet seat. So. Much. Better.

Coffee filters. Brilliant. Not me brilliant, of course. Whoever came up with this idea that I happily copied is the genius here.

AND I decided to make another wreath (I know, I'm obsessed) which I think will look nice in our bedroom if I can ever get it painted. My goal is to have it look like this one from Under The Table and Dreaming.
Yeah... these paper rosettes take a long time to make. This craft is not for the faint of heart, no no. I've been making the rosettes a few at a time and storing them in this jar in the meantime.

Also, I've been crocheting leper bandages in my spare (huh?) time to donate to lepers in Vietnam. They are supposed to be done by Feb 1 for this year's shipment and I just don't think that is going to happen. Oh well. They'll get there eventually.

And I'm in rambling mode. It's time to go. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. It is so nice to see that my kid isn't the only one who is like this. I seriously can't keep things clean and organized. Thomas got fed up when he was home and duct taped all the kitchen cabinets which is helpful in keeping everything clean but not so helpful when it comes to cooking. Clean houses are overrated anyway right.....

  2. Ooooh! I LOVE the coffee filter wreath!!! It turned out fabulous!

  3. One of the best remedies is to have another kid to distract little busy bee. You would, of course, have to wait a couple of years for it to be effective. You are doing a great job!
    The little one looks healthy and strong.

  4. I think the combination of how your son creates and how you create makes a perfect blog entry. Happy days.

  5. I can totally relate these days. Gracie isn't QUITE as destructive, but on the flipside, EVERYTHING goes into her mouth. It's exhausting isn't it?!