Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yay for Santa!

Well, in the spirit of doing what everyone else is doing, here's a picture of Logan and Santa.
Like most other toddlers Logan loved the jolly man in red. 


He is currently using his most evasive maneuvers to shimmy out of Santa's lap. I'm just grateful he wasn't screaming in the picture. He started to, but with all our powers combined (the photographer, assistant, myself, and bubbles) we were able to confuse and distract him enough to keep him from freaking. He also wielded the protection of his favorite toys which can go a long way. Still, I had secretly hoped for a smile.

Don't the Clauses look lovely though?


  1. I seem to remember a similar circumstance. We were not lucky enough to have a camera that day.

  2. Our picture looks much the same except Oliver is giving Santa the dirtiest look as he's bending backwards to get out. The pictures make great memories though :)

  3. I think it's actually a good thing that kids don't come in contact with Santa very often...can you imagine if they really did find him in their house; they would FREAK out! At least Logan is still a cutie!
    BTW, I want to come to your Thanksgiving next year! It looks like you had a blast!