Thursday, December 30, 2010


My cousin Amy had her first baby yesterday.

A girl.


2 months ago doctors discovered that this sweet girl had a heart defect. For all that the doctors and Amy could do, this defect proved to be too much and their precious baby was called back home to our Heavenly Father shortly after she was born.

Our hearts ache for this little family and the trials they are already having to endure. Though we know that Amy, her husband Bret, and Ella will be reunited again, that time sure seems far away right now.

While Amy was pregnant it was unfortunately necessary for her to quit her job in order to go on bed-rest. In addition to that, her husband is a dental student and they are now forced to live on their student loans.

My cousin Jen (Amy's sister) has set up a fund for them on her blog. If you have the ability to donate to them it would be much appreciated. If all you are able to donate is a prayer, that is much appreciated too.

We love you so much Amy and Brett. Our thoughts and our prayers are with you.


  1. This makes me so sad. I'm sorry for the loss that your family is feeling right now.

  2. This was heartbreaking to read. Even having the knowledge of the gospel, it is sometimes hard to understand why some people have to go through such hard things. Mitch and I try to make a donation every year at Christmas time, and hadn't decided yet whom to make a donation to this year. Thank you for the opportunity to give...