Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Portland Children's Museum

Logan, his friend Quinn, my friend Katie and I all went to the Children's museum last week. We weighed the pros and cons of coming into contact with hundreds if not thousands of germ ridden toys and decided the risks were worth it. Now Logan and I are both sick, go figure.

When Logan and I first got there the woman at the desk gave us a brief overview of the museum then asked if Logan liked putting things in his mouth. I told her he wasn't really into that anymore.

I caught him putting this duck into his mouth three times before forcefully removing him from the premises.
 I loved that for this whole "waterworks" area they had little smocks for the kids. Watching your child enjoy an outing is joy. Watching him enjoy an outing while dressed in a little costume? Almost too much to handle.
We went to a baby area next where Logan and Quinn played peek-a-boo behind this flower.
 Pretty sure the guy in the background was feeling more and more awkward as I snapped multiple pictures of these cuties playing. I took a few extra to see if he would get uncomfortable enough to move. He didn't.
Here's the dig pit where Logan once again set out to prove me wrong. The rubber chips on his shirt and in his lap are the ones I fished out of his mouth.
Finally, a smile! I swear Logan was having a good time, but sometimes crowds make him serious and this was the first place we were alone.
 This reminds me of the talking dog in UP, only instead of saying "squirrel!" Logan is thinking "giraffe!"
 The kiddos ended our visit with a little bus ride. Logan was a gentleman and let Quinn do the driving.


  1. I took my kindergarten class there, they loved it.

  2. Where is the children's museum? It kinda looks familiar, but at the same time I can't remember where it is or when we went there. (My hubby's fam lives up there)

  3. Jillian it is right next to the zoo, they share the same parking lot.

  4. Ah, okay! Yeah, I think we've been there. It's been a long time, though.