Friday, December 17, 2010

Skamania Lodge

It was a weekend of the great and terrible.

Tyson, Logan, and I went to Skamania Lodge this weekend which is a hotel up the gorge from us. Tad and Becky have a tradition of going up there this time of year and invited a bunch of people to join them. Including us!

When we first got there we did a little exploring. The place was huge and had a great view of the river below.

After letting Logan kick his ball down the longest hallway ever we went to dinner.

It was soooo delicious. I have no pictures because I was too busy inhaling everything I saw. It was a buffet of seafood goodness and decadent desserts. The only downside was that Logan wasn't having it with his high chair so I had to bribe him with bites of my creme brulee and chocolate cookies in order to finish.

After eating more than I could comfortably handle, I went ahead and made myself a little more uncomfortable.

I wore a swimsuit for the first time since getting pregnant with Logan.

Logan didn't love the pool, but neither did I, so we went ahead and got in the hot tub.
Okay, and he didn't like the hot tub much either but at least he was able to be in it for a few minutes without crying. He's also got that whole animal in the headlights thing where his eyes are reflecting the flash. Creepy!

He spend much of the night on Grandma's lap although he did enjoy giving us the occasional heart attack by jumping off and running around the pool.

Now here's where the terrible comes in.

He (I am referring to Logan of course) would. not. sleep. Oh my goodness we were basically up all night. Around 3 am Tyson asked if we could go home yet. Pretty sure he wasn't kidding. Being the good wife/mom that I am though, I made us stay and continue to suffer.

Included in the suffering (besides the crying, kicking, wiggling baby) was quite possibly the loudest heater/ac unit I have ever heard, and a kamikaze moth who flew at my face until I smacked it into the lampshade with the remote.

So, with bloodshot eyes we gave up the fight at 6:30 and went downstairs for a couple cups of hot chocolate (not the first time in my life that I wished I drank coffee). I was determined to finish the day successfully so after entertaining ourselves around the hotel for a few hours I sat in a super uncomfortable chair and convinced Logan to nap a bit while I held him. My back went numb but it was worth the effort because when it was time for gingerbread houses we were ready!

We were only a little bit embarrassed when Logan went off with my Mother-in-law and we were the only adults decorating a house without a kid.

So overall Skamania was good but next time...

No baby.


  1. I have done that a couple of times. One time when your mom was 5 months old, I had to hold her under the table so that she wouldn't scream with all the people standing around. Isn't it fun having kids?

  2. Oh friend. I can only imagine. Besides the sleeping stuff, everything else sounded awesome. It still seems worth it.

  3. I am so sorry you all didn't sleep better. I hope we can talk you into coming again sometime though. Let's leave ALL the kids at home. :)