Thursday, October 7, 2010

Night rider

Just yesterday I was mentioning to my neighbors that we had been considering getting a bike trailer for Logan.

"Brilliant!", they said, "I can't believe it's taken so long to invent those. Do you remember those baby seats that sat above the back wheel? They were horrible! So unsafe and terrifying!"

"Totally!" I agreed, knowing full well that we had this in our garage just waiting for us to test it out.

Tonight was perfect for its maiden voyage.

And seriously, I don't know what they were talking about because Logan does not look scared at all, does he? There is no way he is feeling any fear whatsoever.

We thought it would be best if we took him out at midnight to avoid judgement from our neighbors. Just kidding, it was 6:45, blah to early darkness.
Looks like Tyson and I get to ride our bikes again. Wheeeee!


  1. I believe Brittany took a fall or two out of one of those

  2. Oh great. Now my secret is out. And I didn't have a helmet. They didn't seem to exist in those days. Where did you get yours, btw? I took a quick look at target but all they had was 3+ years.

  3. I think Tyson found it a fred meyer. We'd been looking for awhile and when he stumbled on one that was 12 months + he snagged it.

  4. Kalyn loves riding in her seat - and being the horrible parents we are, she doesnt wear a helmet. Oops, I've looked but havent found one her size.

  5. My sis-in-law offered to let us borrow her child seat and I never took her up on it for the same reason as your neighbor, I thought maybe they were unsturdy. Logan looks perfectly safe and happy. Glad you're ridding again!