Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cake day

Mom left yesterday morning. Did I mention she was here? She came for Logan's birthday and stayed a whole week. It was so fun! I've got lots to share so I guess I'll start at the beginning with Logan's birthday party.

Since this was obviously my first opportunity to have a birthday party for my child I had visions of perfect cakes and party favors with beautiful decorations and great weather.

The weather was good.

I forgot that I'm not actually Martha Stewart so when it came down to making my dream party happen, my ideals had to be pared down quite a bit.

One thing I thought I could do for sure though was bakerella's cake pops. You'll have to look them up because I can't copy her pictures.

Did you look?

Super easy, right? I thought they would be so cute if I got an edible pen and made them all look like little baseballs. What a fantastic idea!!

Oh, but wait. I am not good at pastry decorating. For some reason I think I can do it with zero practice or experience and I'm shocked every time things go wrong.

So I was astounded when my cake pops turned into cake...
flops. (Didja like that?)

They all started falling off their sticks and breaking into pieces before I could even dip them.

Ok, I'm flexible. I can change my plans. So I thought I would just pull the balls off the sticks and make them into little bon bons.

Fine. Back to the cake pops. After a little experimentation and some refrigeration I figured out how to make them work, but heck no was I gonna paint little red lines on like 75 balls. But I wanted baseballs so bad so I made cupcakes too. Here's our final dessert presentation.

The weather was gorgeous so we had a bbq outside with some friends and family. Logan loved his first cake experience.

Oh Mari, you may be asking, why does Logan look so serious in all these pictures? Well, that would be because he had a fever and when we went to the Dr on Tuesday for his 1 year check up we discovered he had an ear infection. So even though he got cake, I'm thinking his birthday may not have been the best day of his life.

He ended his special day with a nap and a hearty dose of Tylenol.


  1. I really like the way the cupcakes turned out! So cute. As for the cake balls, just think of them as golf balls and they totally work :)

  2. They looked great! The party looked fun. Sad Logan wasn't feeling well. But it looks like he still had a great bday. We need to come visit you next week and give him our present.

  3. Love the Cake Pop idea but I'd have to agree with you that it doesn't seem worth the effort to decorate 75 pops as baseballs...unless you were going to sell them. Those babies get eaten in seconds!

  4. My cake that I made for my daughter's 2nd birthday... made it on Yes, it was that bad.