Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall crafts

I had no idea how many fun fall crafts there were out there until I joined the world of craft blogging. And by joined I don't mean I have a craft blog, I just added every crafty blog I saw to my google reader. The sheer volume of pumpkins out there is enough to make my head explode.

With joy.

I love pumpkins.

Tyson and I grew our own pumpkins this year. Out of the 7 plants we carefully tended we got....

drumroll please...

Two. Whole. Pumpkins.

One smallish orange one and one bigger green one. Actually the green one is still on the vine. I was all ready to cut it loose and display it on the front porch but Tyson wants to give it another week to see if it oranges up.

I kinda like the green but that's cool.

Anyway, how about some pumpkins that were vastly easier to create, eh?

A fake pumpkin from the dollar store, some mod podge, a little fabric, and some black sparkle paint for the stem...

cute pumpkins!
 You can totally see one of the seams in this picture, whoops! I just cut the fabric into strips and mod podged them onto the pumpkin. That way I wasn't trying to mold a huge piece of fabric around a lumpy globe which would have been way hard. It was pretty messy anyway but that's all part of the fun! Just don't expect to answer the phone, pick up your baby, or change the channel on the tv while you're doing this one.


Next up, paper pumpkin!
You just cut paper into strips and attach them at the top and bottom with brads. Here's the tutorial from the blog, make mine lime where I saw these. I didn't do the inner circle of paper though and I think it turned out fine.

I figured I exhausted my pumpkin quota this year so I moved on to something else.


This wreath was pretty much the easiest thing to make ever. I just took a strand of leaf garland and a wood wreath and tied the garland on with brown yarn. I was going to trim the yarn really short so you couldn't see it but, you can't see it anyway so I didn't even have to do that. I think it looks perfect on my front door.
 And if one wreath looks great, why not make another one!? Even though I only have one front door.

Candy corn + hot glue + one dollar store foam wreath = something that looks too small and kinda awkward on my door.

I tried it a few other places in my house and it was looking lamer and lamer every time I hung it up.
It needed what only Goodwill could offer.

A $2.50 frame.

I painted the frame and added more of that damask fabric (don't worry, that was the rest of it so it won't be appearing anywhere else in my house, much to Tyson's relief) and hung the wreath there.

The fabric might be a little busy for this, but for now it works!

And my final craft of late was a simple boo sign made of canvas and paper to help decorate my entry.

I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas!


  1. Fun!! I don't have time or space to do those...but next year. I have gotten into Halloween decor this year. I broke down and got a fun plate {plates and platters are my downfall always!} and a cute sign. I LOVE the stuff you made though!

  2. I love it!! The crafty bug is biting me a lot this year prolly cuz I'll get my own place to decorate soon!
    I'm going to wait on buying Halloween stuff until November though. Then it'll be crazy on sale!

  3. YOu amaze me! Where do you find the time to do all of this? I love it all...I wish I could do stuff like that...maybe someday. Until then, I will enjoy looking at yours.

  4. I LOVE all of the crafts you did!! and I'm super impressed!!

  5. The candy corn frame turned out great!! Good thinking!!!

  6. For the record I'm a damask fan too. LOVE IT!

  7. Love everything. I've seen a couple of those projects before when I was blog surfing. Unfortunately all those fall projects will have to wait until we get back to Montana. Till then I'll be drooling over all your stuff!