Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Logan's big day!

We blessed Logan on Sunday!
We started off the day by having to wake Logan up at 9:30 so that he would be ready for church on time.
I know, right?
I just gently unswaddled him and made some casual coughing noises while he stirred, hoping it would ease him out of dreamland without making him cranky. It totally worked.

And I know I'm totally not biased but holy crap, isn't that the cutest little outfit you've ever seen!?
Actually, I probably shouldn't say words like crap when talking about something like a blessing... but then again maybe I should because guess what leaked out of his pants after church.
Yeah, it never ends.
We were very careful before church to prevent any mishaps though. I put on his bib as soon as I got him dressed and then I heard him go potty pretty much immediately after (of course) so I quickly yanked his pants off until he was done and I could change him.

Here we are doing a little more quality control...
So I am posting this picture because I think it's a good one even though none of us are looking at the camera and also, let's be honest, I look about 10 lbs lighter than I really am. It was a wonderful lucky thing. Those are Tyson's parents by the way.
Here's sweet Logan with his other set of grandparents, my mom and dad who were able to fly from Michigan for the event!
In reality, we blessed him this day because they would be here, not the other way around.
Tyson did such a wonderful job doing the blessing in spite of Logan crying not before, not after, but during the blessing. Whoever was in charge of the mic kept it right at Tyson's mouth though so we could hear him very clearly. It was wonderful.
After sacrament meeting we went back to our house with friends and family and enjoyed a fabulous meal.
Here's the spread of food we enjoyed. So delicious...

Funny story about that poinsettia over there; I was tidying up the kitchen when I noticed a puddle of water underneath the pot. "Wonder where that came from?" I thought to myself, milliseconds before the truth hit me.

"Mom, (in my sweetest innocent voice) did you water my poinsettia for me?"

"Yeah I did."

"Well thank you but... it's fake"

Guess that's one good looking fake plant although according to my Mom it looks a little dry. Ha! Luckily the Styrofoam was no worse for the wear although the fake dirt on top washed away a little revealing some of the white stuff underneath.

Poor Logan got so tired at the end of the day. Here he is all tuckered out after getting changed into a new outfit due to the poo.

It's hard being a star!


  1. You are looking mighty thin! And Logan's cheeks are adorable!

  2. He looks debonair (sp?). Anyway, just thought I would drop a note and say hi since I have been off the radar for a bit. Logan is a cute little man and I will be sure that Brooke looks him up when she goes to BYU. I mean that's the plan right?! ;)

  3. Oh I just love his blessing outfit. So dashing! He is such a cutie and Mari, you do look incredible. Glad it was such a great day. Merry Christmas!