Monday, December 14, 2009

GOOD Mom vol. 1

So I was making a video for my mom of Logan and me. After carefully setting it up on the windowsill, propping it just so, and finding the perfect zoom to maximize Logan's cutability I started recording.

He giggled a couple days ago; I was trying to recreate that moment.

I failed.

But anyway, mid tickle I looked over and noticed a SPIDER CRAWLING ON LOGAN'S CHAIR!!! Darn you, real Christmas tree and the nature you've brought into my home!
(This one had built its web between a chair I sit in every day and the tree. Shudder...)

You know me, you know my fear of spiders, you wont fault my first instinct that made me shriek and push the whole chair away from me. But no, must save the baby, must fight the natural man. Or was I already fighting the natural man by not saving my young at all costs?

Whatever. I grabbed my baby out of that thing and stood up, ready to walk away from the whole situation until Tyson got home.

And yet... taking my eyes off that spider would mean that it could creep around anywhere he liked and surprise me in some other terrifying way. Sorry spider, once you leave the ceiling you have entered my territory. Death must ensue. My weapon: a shoe.

I really need to practice my accuracy in shoe throwing so I can hit a spider from afar, but I've been busy doing other important things like raising a child and feeding my husband so I had to maintain a firm grip on the shoe while I beat that spider down. I emerged victorious and looked up to see the camera still recording.


I gave that camera a point (it would have been two handed but I was still holding the baby) and said "HA! Take that!" to my mom who had once expressed disbelief in my ability to kill a spider on my own.

I then picked up the camera to find that my heroic act had NOT been saved for posterity seeing how I neglected to push the record button.
So be it.

This is Logan's "chair" in case you were wondering.


  1. Hooray for the supermom protecting her young. Keep a fly swatter on hand.

  2. Hahaha, that is was an excellent story!

  3. i meant to call you guys yesterday to say congratulations and how excited we are to see you all in a few weeks, but i ran out of time. it sounds like everything went great!

    and i can't wait to snuggle logan! prepare him for lots of love!

  4. haha… i love how you posted that face logan has after such a story. he's like, "whoa. sumthin's up." !

  5. go mama go.
    i've done a lot of things i thought i would NEVER do for the good of my children. whew.

    he is so cute btw and you look great in the blessing day pictures.

    i sure miss you!!!!!