Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Miracle!

If there ever was a time for miracles, this would be it! Unfortunately with the stress of shopping (which is normally a fun thing), struggling to come up with the perfect presents, fighting crowds and traffic, and watching our bank accounts dwindle down alarmingly fast I think lots of us feel more stress preparing for Christmas than we should.

This year I've been trying to look for happy little things that make the mundane activities miraculous. Allow me to share them with you.

1. Tyson and I went to Winco on Saturday. A bad idea in general to be true and an even worse idea the Saturday before Christmas. But alas, it's grocery day so we went. And what do you know, we got the closest parking space in the first row we went down. And when you're carrying a heavy sleeping baby and it's raining that spot becomes all the more coveted.

Christmas miracle!

2. During that same shopping trip we discovered raisin nut bran (Tyson's favorite cereal) was on sale. It's never on sale, at least at winco.

Christmas miracle!

3. My trunk has a hard time latching closed and there have been several instances where I've come out of a store to find it open, and my car not broken into.

Christmas miracle! (and a reminder to always double check it after I think I've closed it)

4. Last Saturday (again) we went to wal-mart. This was a worse idea than going to winco but it had to be done. After looking for a parking space and realizing the parking lot was full all the way to the end of the lot, something I'd never seen before, we questioned our sanity but drove around to find a place anyway. We completed our shopping and joined half the store in waiting to check out. We happened to be standing right next to lane 13 which wasn't open. We daydreamed about how wonderful it would be if an employee came out and said to us "I'm opening right here, come on over". But that never happens, right?

Until it does!

Seriously 2 seconds after I contemplated putting our stuff on the belt in faith that someone would magically appear to check us out, someone magically appeared and invited us to check out on lane 13.

Christmas miracle!

5. Logan slept all during that huge shopping trip.

Christmas miracle!

And here's the best one of all.

6. After paying an extra $1000 in totally unexpected medical bills we got a check from our mortgage company for over $1000. Something about how they overestimated something so we overpaid by that much.

Christmas miracle!


Paying your tithing miracle!

Either way, yay!

So, my friends, if you're feeling stressed this season don't forget to look for the miracles in your life right now. Pay extra attention the next couple of days and tell me about them. Or your spouse, or your kids. No matter what, find a way to let the chaos lift you up.

Love you! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Hurrah to December!


  1. Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing your little miracles.

  2. You and Tyson and Logan are one of our many Christmas miracles. Thank you for being you.