Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Brother/Uncle came!

Austin came to visit us from BYU for Thanksgiving. His visit was preceded with some questions via text:

A: Do you have towels?
M: What? Yes, of course we have towels.
A: Does Tyson have a pair of brown shoes I could borrow?
M: You could, but he wears a size 7 (Austin wears an 11)
I suppose he was packing at the time.

Logan loves him, although it's sometimes a love mingled with fear.

We decided a trip to the coast was in order. After a delicious visit to Tillamook where I conceded that my craving for their ice cream wasn't just a pregnancy thing, we went to exotic Cape Meares.

I tell you this as if you should know what it is.

It's pretty much some gorgeous cliffs.

And a lighthouse.

And the closest scenic point of interest next to, of course, Tillamook, my real reason for driving two hours away from home. Dang that ice cream, I can't get off it!

We stopped at the beach on our way out for no other reason than to say we were there and snap a quick picture. You can't tell here but Logan was not happy.

Maybe you can tell.

Overall, the trip was awesome except for that part where Logan decided he'd had it with his carseat and started to seriously lose it. The result of this was me nearly losing it and a 45 minute stop at home depot (the first place I saw off the freeway) where I ended up feeding him while sitting on the bathroom floor. But alas, we did make it home in the end.
p.s. I totally didn't expect so many awesome comments on the working out post, but I should have because you guys are awesome! Thanks so much for all the advice!
Here's the plan for now: I borrowed P90x from my brother in law (thanks Tad!) and I started it yesterday. So far so good! I like it because a) I can do it at home while the babe is asleep b) it has variety and room for improvement c) no one is around to laugh at me while I flop around the floor like a dying fish trying to do AB RIPPER X (spoken in an echoing man voice).
I do, however, fully plan to make Tyson do it when he gets home from work so I can laugh at him.


  1. Good for You! Exercise is great.

  2. dude, your boobs look gynormous in that pic with the puffy jacket with brother. (and yes, i realize the jacket adds to the gynormosity... but still!)

  3. tell logan i'm coming at the end of the month (hopefully) and to get ready. i need to snuggle that little friend!

    *and a warning* reggie will want to love your baby to death too. :)

  4. We have P90X too and it is KILLER!!! I just now got unsore from starting up again on Monday. It's thursday. Yoga day. Is it just me, or do you DESPISE yoga day too??

  5. I was just reading your blog and Cameron came over and saw the cute picture of Logan and told me he wanted to hug the baby!