Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So before I feel asleep the other night I thought it would be fun to share things on the blog that I probably wouldn't tell you in person. Cause it would be an awkward conversation. Some, or rather most of my ideas seem better at midnight than they do in the light of day. But I'll share the list I came up with anyway.

-I always pictured myself as the kind of girl that would only gain 15 lbs during my whole pregnancy and everyone would be jealous of me.
-I'm not.

-John and Kate make me sad. But I keep fueling the fire by watching their show.

-Tyson and I might have also used John and Kate as our FHE lesson. "This is how to not foster a healthy happy marriage". Yeah, that may not fly when the kid comes.

-I frequently call myself 'pregnito'. It's my x-men name.
-Last week I left a load of laundry in the washer for 3 days. I had a total memory lapse and completely forgot about the whole concept of laundry. Still trying to get that mildew smell out.

-Even though I still LOVE chocolate milk I stopped drinking it because I thought it was making me fat. I had some this weekend though because Tyson requested it with his father's day breakfast. Pretty sure I drank 3/4 of the gallon myself. In two days. Back on the sauce.

-Sometimes my shirt rides up a little and shows my stomach. It makes me feel white trash.
-Especially when it happens as I'm walking into the temple.
-I used to think this counted as showing.



-Who are you woman!!!???

-And I'm sure in another couple months I'll be making fun of this picture.

-That skirt is from 7th grade by the way.

-Still fits.

-Take that.


  1. haha, those are all spectacular confessions! I love little random thoughts.

  2. 7th grade?! You suck. As for me, I decided it's not fun to be pregnant at the same time as anyone else I know...

  3. awww you still look so cute! I think it always looks much worse in your own eyes than in everyone elses. Remember when you used to look at pregnant women and couldn't wait to look like that?

  4. i love it.
    okay, so i leave loads in the washer for 3 plus days on a regular basis. run the load through with some baking soda. it'll fix the smell in the clothes and the washer too:)
    you look awesome!

  5. your a dork, you are not fat! but i do know how you feel. I have the exact same feelings about Jon and Kate. Sad isnt it. Hey put some baking soda in with the laundry and it takes the mildew smell away!

  6. so i left you a comment and its not there weird, to sum it up your skinny, sad for Jon and Kate as well, use some baking soda with you laundry and it take the mildew smell away.
    miss you and your clocks

  7. I heard mouth wash takes the mildew smell out, just dump it in and wash as normal...so they say. I haven't done it.....You look so cute! I have some clothes that I wear from 10th grade, but my hips expanded {or something like that} after 7th grade becuase I could never wear size 0 or 1 again! P.s. I am still not looking pregnant - according to everyone around me...me, feeling the child in my ribs and all other parts of my body. He is there whether everyone else can see him or NOT!

  8. I know you think you look terrible, but trust me, give it some time. then you'll think, "everyone was right. i looked awesome." and since i just might not be around then, i want to say now,

    "HAH! told you so."

  9. oh how I miss you. You are freaking hilarious.

  10. Ohhh, you look GREAT! How cute is that little 7th grade shirt. However, I can't believe you still have the pineapple one.

  11. Try Oxyclean in your laundry. Or distilled vinegar and run the load through a couple more times.

    You look great by the way!

  12. You are very cute pregnant and we wouldn't want it any other way! We are excited for you!

  13. Ok so I was thinking about how you said you thought you would only gain 15 lbs when prego...well I was talking with some people and they said the skinnier you are the more weight you should gain. So gaining more weight just means that you were skinny to begin with...which you were and are. So there.