Friday, May 15, 2009

What lies in the shadow of the paper? (anyone watch LOST?)

Didn't mean to leave you in suspense for so long.
With a little bit of help from my two favorite present unwrappers...

We revealed a bike!
Anna was almost as excited as I was about it.But not quite. Like a giddy six-year-old I hauled the bike out the front door so I could ride it immediately.
Promptly setting a bad example for my unborn child about riding a bike with no helmet.
Remind me to destroy this picture when I'm teaching him about bike safety.


  1. Huh, I thought it was several presents. I didn't realize your hubby was so good at patchwork. Happy Birthday!

  2. what an adorable bike!!

    and p.s. you do not even look pregnant! what a skinny mini you are!

  3. What a great present! You can ride all over the neighborhood and get acquainted with your neighbors.

  4. you've been called out to post a recipe. see my blog friend.
    love you!
    and your bike is awwwwwwwesome.

  5. I LOOOVE riding a bike. I've been using my SIL's beach cruiser and I want one for my own! You're so lucky!
    But, alas, my bike-riding days are going to be put on hold for a while. I got hit the other day (very minor, don't worry!)and I was quite traumatized. Plus it's hotter than hades down here.

  6. You will love having a bike once the kiddo is here too. You just need to get a burley to haul behind it!

  7. Well duh, of course that package looked EXACTLY like a bike! Have lots of fun. P.S. Be careful-Amy got hit (bumped) by a car last week while riding her bike to work..She just barely confessed to me. (YIKES!) But she's fine.

  8. Awesome! It is super cute! Uhhh yeah bike helmets. K---SUPER bad mom over here...we don't even OWN any and I have TWO bike riders. Shhhh!!!! BAD MOM! Anyways...just also have to say it looks SO lovely & cool & CLOUDY there! JEALOUS!!!!