Saturday, May 30, 2009

Does this baby make my butt look big?

23 weeks
So I was gonna talk about our trip to the coast for our babymoon but instead I want to ramble on about pregnancy. Why? I don't know. Just in the mood for it I guess. Blame it on the hormones.
There are some pretty awesome things that I sorta knew about pregnancy but hadn't really thought about logistically until they started happening to me.
Like I knew certain muscles wouldn't be up to the challenge of the extra weight on my bladder. Ok, no biggie, I'll just have to go to the bathroom extra and not jump on a trampoline. I can totally handle that.
Little did I know what it actually meant was that under no circumstance should I sneeze. Ever. Especially twice in a row. If I do feel a sneeze coming on I must cross my legs, bend my knees slightly, and squeeze with all my might to prevent an accident worthy of a two year old. Or a ninety year old. Whatever floats your boat.
Also, I think something broke in my stomach. Or my brain. Or maybe both. Basically I don't get full anymore. I pretty much just stop eating when my stomach feels like it might split open or when the scale says I've eaten approximately 10 lbs worth of food. It's great fun.
Or it will be until I weigh 300 lbs.


  1. Oh the joys of pregnancy! I hate to break it to you, but the peeing thing only gets worse once the baby comes out! It is such a pain :) It is all worth it though when you hold that little bundle of joy!
    Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

  2. Your brain stops telling you when you are full and it never stops telling you that you are hungry.

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of pregnancy and the after effects that
    go on for a lifetime! You look really good for a pregnant lady.

  4. The peeing thing sucks. It's not very fun for awhile after baby comes, but don't worry--you'll recover. Then you'll have baby number 2 and it'll be worse and take longer to get better. Oh the pretty things about having babies.

  5. lol... i love it. yeah... the whole bladder thing reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeallly sucks esp the last month. it got so bad for me that if i drank a glass of water, i had to pee less than 5 mins later... and pretty much throughout the day, in general every 15 mins. ENJOY!

  6. I feel your pain sister!
    I do it when I cough too.
    Cold+Pregnancy=Tinkle in My Pants.
    The good news, less than 4 months to go!

  7. ha!
    the bladder thing is awesome huh?
    you look awesome.
    and, it's my experience that the baby doesn't make your butt look big until it comes out... when there is no longer a big tummy to balance things

  8. Haha, wow, that thing about sneezing I forgot that that it was one of the side effects. It's obviously been too long since I was last pregnant, not that I'm ready for another one... and I understand about the constant eating thing. It's either you can't eat anything cuz you feel sick, or you eat too much and you feel like exploding.

  9. nice picture. i've been trying to figure out how to not make my arms look like they are storing all the weight i've gained....long sleeved....genius.

  10. HaHa, Mari, I LOVE reading your blog, you are hilarious. I love the way you write too! Pregancy sounds crazy! I'm excited for you, a baby boy bundle of joy, soon to join your family! Hang in there! I'm sure soon enough it will be over, especially the peeing your pants part! Lol, you're funny, you and Ashley will have a blast once she arrives in WA!

  11. Wow. That sounds like my stomach every day. I shudder to think what I'll be like when I'm actually pregnant some day.... All-You-Can-Eat Buffet establishments will shudder at the mere mention of my name.

  12. sneezing, coughing, laughing really hard...pretty much anything makes you wet your pants when you are pregnant. Gotta love it! and ps, the whole eating thing won't get better for awhile if you are planning on nursing. I think I ate more after the baby came then while I was pregnant. The things we do for our kiddies... :)