Tuesday, January 27, 2009

House stressing

Do you remember the day you discovered, say, sour patch kids and you loved them sooooo much that you ate like 3 bags worth (which was probably 2 1/2 bags too many) got sick, threw them all up, and then couldn't eat them for like 4 years?
I did that.
But with house hunting.

I totally over-dosed and now I'm so sick of looking at houses that I can't even think about it. I got so excited to find a house that I watched house hunters all day, looked on-line all the time, made a detailed spreadsheet of our favorite 72 houses, drove around neighborhoods, finally started going into actual houses, and now I'm writing about it on my blog. It's like all the energy I was putting into school before is now going to the house hunt.
And I'm sick of it.

I need to think about something else for awhile. Yet at the same time I need to keep plugging away so we have a place to live! I can't just walk away from it because our current free rent situation won't last forever.

Thank goodness Unfortunately I haven't heard from my realtor in a couple days so I am getting a little bit of a break.

But, um, I do need her if I'm going to find us a place to live.

I think I'd feel better if I could just find one place that I really liked. One place that felt like home. One place that wasn't 6 feet from the house next door. Is a little space too much to ask?


Oh well, the right house is out there for me, I know it!

I just need to be patient.

And get myself a bag of sour patch kids, yum!


  1. Ok. so there are a few things that i LOATH about my house.... but, when we were house hunting, we went to several different houses and when we walked into OUR house, i KNEW it was ours. It felt like home. Which was hard to find since I had lived in the same house for 19 years. You will find your home. I promise!

  2. Good luck, that's all I can say! House hunting can definitely be stressful but you will eventually find the right thing for you guys and it'll all be worth it. I hear ya though on the houses being so close together. That is how it is here and it drives me crazy but that is how it is pretty much everywhere you look unless you own a huge ol' lot out somewhere. It's definitely not what I was use to but luckily we have pretty good neighbors so it has been fine.

  3. Yeah, man, house hunting bites... there's just too much to get excited about and too much on the line. I feel my stomach getting all knotty just thinking about it.

    But not to fear, finally getting the house you want makes all the difference!

  4. just so you know- your posts crack me up. You are one seriously funny woman!! Where are yall living now??

  5. How's the "making an offer" coming along? Good luck!!

  6. I feel like I need to "re-comment" due to the fact that it's "invisible" until you read/approve it!! I'll resist duplicating it though!!

  7. i wish i was on a house-binge, that sounds like loads of fun!