Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Tyson!

Well, my love turned 29 last week. He's such a big boy now!! They grow so fast...
Anyway, his birthday was a great day considering it fell on his work's Christmas party. (?) Yes, the Christmas party was delayed until January because of the CRAZY weather we were having here in wawa (aka. snow) during the end of December. It was actually the second "Christmas" party I went to that week. Threw me into a weird deja vu spiral where I felt the need to eat 12 pounds of Christmas goodies and spend hundreds of dollars.
Ok, lost my train of thought, where was I... ah yes, the Christmas party. Let me tell you, if you want to have a sweet Friday night get together with 20 engineers and their wives.
Good. Times.
Heh heh.
Actually, I did have a really good time. The people Tyson works with are really nice and very friendly. And the food was great!
After a delicious and entertaining (and free) birthday dinner, Tyson and I went back home to his pile of presents.
I'm not sure if you knew this (I should probably save this little known fact for that cursed 25 things about me that has been running rampant on facebook the last couple weeks. I've been avoiding it as long as possible) but I am an exceptional gift wrapper. Notice the box covered in a blanket? That was indeed one of his presents, a fine wrapping job if I do say so myself.

Then there was this little number:
I'm especially proud of that one. A lot of precise cutting, taping, and folding went into wrapping it. My pride and joy.

Although nothing could top the celebrations we had had at home, on Sunday night we went to Tyson's parents house for more presents and more cake.
He's always had a hard time unwrapping presents but luckily there were two little helpers who were ready and willing to assist him. So cute.
I'd like to tell you that he was able to blow out his 29 candles in one breath, but alas, his singing lessons from me have not expanded his lungs quite enough yet.
Happy birthday my love!
You are the cutest 29 year old ever!


  1. Happy birthday Tyson! You and Jeff should have an over the hill par-tay next year! We hope you guys are loving the couv! We are really hoping to get up that way this summer. If we do, we should plan a little get together, Jeff has never been to Seattle!

  2. you and brandon have the same approach to wrapping. happy house hunting!

  3. 29?! You guys are so OLD. Just kidding, I know everyone can't be as young as me :) Happy Birthday Tyson. I hope everything was fun!

  4. Happy Birthday Tyson! I think you have the distinction of being born on my wedding anniversary-what excellent taste you have! Glad to see you back blogging Miss M. We MISS YOU! How's the house hunting going????

  5. I have been out of it for a while...Happy Birthday to Tyson!

  6. Happy Birthday Tyson! I get those email alerts about your birthday and think of you everytime but somehow never seem to get a call or email off in time!

    Love catching up on your guys' lives through the blog!