Saturday, November 22, 2008

Salt in the wound

That is my life.
So, today after spending a fun morning with the girls in my ward doing a super saturday activity I went to a special store to get some special underclothes for my mom. ;-) While there, the humiliation ensued. I was just finishing checking out (keep in mind that the counter was very tall) when the worker looked at me and said:
"So... when's the big day?"
Me: "???" (blank stare/what in the heck are you talkin' about?)
Lame Worker Dude: "Oh, well, um, I thought, that you..."
Me: "What?" (Do I know you?)
L.W.D: "There are just a lot of, um, and I thought, well, are you pregnant?"
Me: "No..." (uncomfortable smile)
L.W.D.: "Yeah, I guess I just saw a pregnant girl in line earlier and then thought it was you."
Me: "Oh." (that's right you did because I look darn good and not prego at all (unfortunately))
L.W.D.: "Um, sorry about that."
Me: "Right, ok" (and thank you for asking if I'm pregnant at this time in my life)
I was able to laugh it off for a couple of minutes but then I started to feel bad. That dude totally salted my wound.
Oh well. Tyson gave me two double stuffed chocolate filled oreos when I got home and that helped a little.
Let's talk about happier things... like CRAFTS!!
I love crafts.
I've been able to make a few cute little things this week which has made me totally happy. Please allow me to flaunt my crafty skillz.
My neighbor Amy and I make these cute letters after we got the idea from what our ward was planning do on super saturday.
When we saw the samples we figured we could totally do it ourselves so we turned on the finale of America's Next Top Model and crafted away.

I should have taken pictures as I was making these so you could have had a tutorial. Sorry, but I didn't want you all to see the murderous look on my face as I sanded the edges of these things for an hour and a half.

It was fun.

My other craft this week was learning how to etch glass to make cute ornaments at super saturday.

I admit I had no idea what the actual etching process would be. I was picturing myself with some sort of metal tool scraping the surface of the bulb while I struggled to not cut myself and/or crush the thin glass in my bare hands.

Turns out it's just a paste you apply to a stenciled area. Who knew?

And that concludes my complaining/craft time for the day.

I am off to Michigan tomorrow (hurrah!!!) to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I am super excited to go and will let you know all about our festivities there!


  1. Sorry about the dumb comment. Sometimes you just have to shrug it off. And way cute crafts. I'm dying to know how to make them!

  2. Sorry about your uncomfortable situation. Boys can be dumb like that sometimes. Your crafts are super cute! Way to be crafty and get into the holiday spirit. Have a great Thanksgiving this week!

  3. enjoy michigan! and is it true that someone from michigan is called a michigandor? :)

  4. Jacob once asked me if there were really monsters. I told him no. He then asked me if there were really stupid people. I told him absolutely. This is a good case in point for the latter.

    Sorry about that! Hopefully he felt awkward after too.

  5. Poor babe. Lame comment! Cute crafts. I wish I was crafty. I am a semi-wannabee crafter. Craft projects always look fun/inviting/cute but in reality, I am one of those kinds who just has a bunch of unfinished crafts in the closet. So I have to say kudos to you for actually doing them. Even if the sanding takes 1/2 hour.

  6. OH MY GOOODNESS!!! Sorry about the lameo, some people you just want to grab them by the collar and tell them certain things they should NEVER do! I love reading your blog... you really write very well! Have a fun thanksgiving

  7. If I were with you, I would have punched him in the face. I dont care where we were! Stupid boy.

    The good thing is, your crafts look great!!!! I love you.