Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am addicted to the Internet.

I confess. And don't even pretend that you're not addicted too! I see ya'll on facebook all the time.

Don't lie.
However friends, I'm in Michigan. And:
Internet Addiction + Small town Michigan = Rehab
AND the cell phone service is spotty at best. And by spotty I mean that I might get one bar of service if I stand on my head with one hand in a bowl of water, one foot against a northeast wall and the other foot stuck in a light socket.
I am having a really good time though. It's so fun to see my family and get to spend time with them. It has been especially fun to have some quality girl time with Mom and Emily.
Emily and I had been talking for a couple weeks about dying our hair together when I finally got there and after a little convincing we got Mom to do it too!!
Here is the preview of our colors:
Emily is on the left, then mom, then me. Aren't we beautiful??

Here's the before shot...
And here's the after!! Don't we look so amazingly different and gorgeous!!?? Ok, well maybe I needed better lighting to show the actual differences in our hair colors and I suppose going from brown to brown isn't the biggest change ever, but oh well.

We had a fun time putting the actual dye in our hair. I had the most experience dying hair (since I lived with roommates and all I'm practically a pro) so I got to put the color in Emily and Mom's hair. They watched what I did and copied it on me. Good thing it turned out!!

My hair is darker than it was which nicely covered the leftover highlights at the end of my hair from like two years ago. Mom's hair no longer has any gray in it (not that it ever did of course) and Emily's hair is... purple. No it really is!! You just have to see it in the light to get the purple hues showing.

At any rate, the best part was doing it all together. And I can't wait to see what our next adventure will be!


  1. I think it is hilarious that we are all wearing girl's camp t-shirts!! True mormon style. I like my btw. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Looks like you guys are having some really really fun girl time. Are the guys having fun too?

  3. YOu were always a pro at dying my hair.

  4. How fun. I don't think my mom and sisters would be up for that one. Still would be fun to hang out like that! Did Tyson come too?? P.s. i tagged you. Check out my blog