Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One time I made a headboard with my own two hands

Ok, so I have some actual progress to show you on my bedroom. Yay! 

Here it is in its "before" state, but with our new-to-us bed and bedding.
So, I decided I wanted to make a headboard. I definitely had no idea how to do it but I had a vision of a big upholstered piece with a geometric patterned fabric.


Since I was dumb and painted my room before looking for fabric I now had a color I was trying to work with and I just couldn't find the right match! 


I complained about it on facebook, oh, many months ago and my friend Jonie suggested I put a bird on it.

Okay, no she didn't. Bur she did say I should paint the fabric to get the look I was going for. 

Make something that should have been easy and simple, harder and craftier? Alright, that pretty much sounds right up my alley.

I found a stencil online that I liked, some white fabric, and paint. And I stenciled, and stenciled, and stenciled...
It took forever and my back was sore after hours of leaning over the fabric but I think it was totally worth it!
I got a board at home depot, a foam mattress topper at Walmart, some batting from Joann fabrics and put it all together with my staple gun. I should have taken pictures of the process, but alas, I did not. Sorry. It was super easy and pretty inexpensive to make though if you want to do it. 

In my dreams I'll put a chunky white mantle above and around the headboard, but since I have no tools and no skill it will probably stay like this for awhile.

And by "this" I also mean not actually attached to anything. I rested it on the box springs with the mattress holding it against the wall just to see what it looked like, and after sleeping with it that way for the last 3 months we've gotten over the fear of it crushing us in our sleep.

What do you think of the coral pillows? I made them for our couches but when I put them on our bed to see what it looked like, I loved it! Am I crazy or does it actually look okay? I'm not sure if I want to keep these two pillows on there or make something else with that same fabric.

Annnnnd I need help with window treatments.
Black and white stripes?
Coral and white stripes?
Nix the stripes?


  1. wow, you are one incredible crafter! i miss the days when we inspired each other with our craft projects... i think the coral pillows look great on the bed and that you should definitely keep them there. way to go mari! you inspire me to be a better crafter.

  2. Love it- I was up late last night scheming making a headboard of my own- so it's nice to see that you did it looks so good. (Plus you stenciled your own fabric- you are a crafting goddess for sure). It looks awesome!

  3. Hey, love your blog, I've been following for a couple months. Anyway, That is awesome! And gives me an idea. We live in a townhome and cannot attach the headboard to the wall! Oh and my vote goes for the coral stripes.

  4. I love your headboard and am jealous of it. If I showed you pictures of my room it would seem similar to a somewhat struggling college dorm room. I love the pillows too. Great color combo! I wish I could give you window treatment advice, but I always turn to I have no creativness when it comes to that aspect of the bedroom. ;) oh, is this a family blog??
    Your room is massive, by the way.

  5. It looks incredible, and I LOVE the pillows. It's the perfect touch.

  6. So cute! And, coral stripes, with a hint of the blue-y gray color for the windows. :)

  7. This is amazing!! I think you really made this look great!! :D and I love the pillows!!

  8. Excellent! I haveplans for doing this to our bedroom next week! Looks great.

  9. Holy Cow! It looks A-MA-ZING, Mari! Seriously.

    You should add some yellow into the room. I think it would look so great with the coral and grey you have going on. (I would totally leave the coral pillows. They look great.)

  10. Looks awesome! Love it! How about a dark gray silk type fabric for the windows. Love the pop of color on the pillows! Love you too!

  11. DEFINITELY keep the coral pillows. I love them!! And the headboard is so freaking CUTE!! You did amazing.

    Drapes? No idea. I'm a drape dummy.

  12. OH MY HECK! I love it! :) It is amazing. YOu totally inspire me! :) Oh and for the window treatments SO play with the coral. LOVE it! :)

  13. LOVE IT! The headboard and the pillows!

  14. so inspiring! You just might be wonderwoman.

  15. That headboard is kind of amazing. What kind of paint did you use? And did you just use muslin fabric? Can I copy you?? ;) ps, apparently great minds think alike because I am currently redoing my living room in gray, coral, and yellow.

  16. Yeah, I like Jonie's idea of adding in some yellow. Delish!

  17. Keep the pillows...not so sure about stripes? I don't know. And just to throw this out there, I'm guessing the headboard might be a bit safer than the mirror (?) you had hanging over your head before. You are in earthquake country you know. :o)

  18. Ahhh! This is amazing Mari! AH-MAZING!! I love the whole thing...coral pillows, gray, headboad..ALL of it. I want one too! And rock the coral girlfriend. And then take some more pics. Cuz I really want to see!

  19. Tiffany, I used duckcloth that I got at joanns. It's a canvas material; I wanted something thicker so it wouldn't rip when I pulled it tight and stapled it. And I used an acrylic paint. You should copy me! You'll love it! :)