Tuesday, January 27, 2009

House stressing

Do you remember the day you discovered, say, sour patch kids and you loved them sooooo much that you ate like 3 bags worth (which was probably 2 1/2 bags too many) got sick, threw them all up, and then couldn't eat them for like 4 years?
I did that.
But with house hunting.

I totally over-dosed and now I'm so sick of looking at houses that I can't even think about it. I got so excited to find a house that I watched house hunters all day, looked on-line all the time, made a detailed spreadsheet of our favorite 72 houses, drove around neighborhoods, finally started going into actual houses, and now I'm writing about it on my blog. It's like all the energy I was putting into school before is now going to the house hunt.
And I'm sick of it.

I need to think about something else for awhile. Yet at the same time I need to keep plugging away so we have a place to live! I can't just walk away from it because our current free rent situation won't last forever.

Thank goodness Unfortunately I haven't heard from my realtor in a couple days so I am getting a little bit of a break.

But, um, I do need her if I'm going to find us a place to live.

I think I'd feel better if I could just find one place that I really liked. One place that felt like home. One place that wasn't 6 feet from the house next door. Is a little space too much to ask?


Oh well, the right house is out there for me, I know it!

I just need to be patient.

And get myself a bag of sour patch kids, yum!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The chicken that changed my life

First, let me say I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with this death cold. I was even able to do an easy workout on Friday which felt pretty good. Besides the part where I hacked up my left lung while riding the bike.
Meh, whatever.
In other news, I tried one of Pioneer Woman's recipes for dinner tonight! Her recipes scare me just a little for two reasons:
a) She might sometimes maybe use ingredients I've never heard of before.
b) she might sometimes maybe use tools I've never heard of before.
c) She might sometimes maybe use more butter than I have in my fridge right now.
And I like butter.
Her recipes always look so delicious though and one of her more recent ones, Ranch Style Chicken called out to me in a voice I could not ignore. A voice that included bacon.
It was sooo good you guys. You must make it.
I forgot to take a picture but just look at her page and know that it looked exactly like hers. Exactly. Besides that I made mashed potatoes instead. And I had a salad with it.
As I sit here basking in the memory of that delectable meal I feel inspired to write several haikus of love about this chicken.
My ranch style chicken
made my kitchen smell real good
like bacon and cheese.
One mistake I made
was that I burned the bacon
I'm sorry P-Dub.
When I took a bite
the melding of the flavors
made me hum with joy.
The chicken was moist
the marinade was tangy
The bacon crunched. Yum.
Oh ranch style chicken
my heart will not forget you
neither will my hips.
Yeah, it was that good. You should make it and let me know what you think! Or better yet, you can come visit me and I'll make it for you. That would be fun, no?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Down with the sickness

I feel like crapola.
I have some sort of cold that has taken over my sinuses completely and is threatening to migrate to my lungs.
I really should have bought some lotion, menthol, and lidocaine-infused Chinese silkworm magical Kleenexes that I swear I saw advertised at the local drugstore.
Instead I have the "Hy-Top Classic Delightfully Soft" facial tissue which is rapidly starting to feel like sandpaper on my raw tender nose.
I'm sure it will callus soon.
I'm actually one step away from pouring salt water up my nose. Something I have always refused to do. I know lots of other people do it but... is it torture? It seems like it would be.
Ok, I'm done complaining for now.
I'll let you know if I salt water myself.
[Update: I salted myself. Via snorting. Tyson showed me how to do it. It kinda seemed to clear my nose out, however, it stung SO bad and so I got desperate. I put chapstick on my nose. Hopefully that works. Or my nose will get addicted to it like my lips are and I'll have to put it on 9 times a day. Either way.]

Thursday, January 8, 2009

You wish you were me

I've already admitted this once on my blog but I'm going to remind you that I might crochet just a little bit every once in a while. Sometimes I sort of feel embarrassed about it and like to pretend that it's not my favorite hobby (well, next to scrapbooking of course) and that the 300 scarves hanging around the house were not made by me. But it is and they were. I just wish there was another word for it cause "crochet" just sounds so old and, um, crotchety? Am I right? It should be called fiber engineering. Or something...
So in spite of being a 25 year old hottie (heh) who is training for a triathlon (mini) and trying desperately to be moderately cool...

I joined a crochet/knitting group.

(I might be one step away from this, I can't really tell.)
Peeps, I'm bringing sexy back in the form of yarn and doilies. Watch out.
I would just like to remind you that in spite of my propensity to love all things nerdy (Tyson and I once spent a whole Christmas break watching star trek marathons, and that's my last confession for the day) I have already gotten up to running 2 miles and biking 10 miles AND our apartment complex has a free tanning bed so I am going to be fine. And that totally trumps any slightly uncool hobbies I might have.
Yeah, that's right.
I am a fine fiber engineering mama.

(Well, not mama. You know what I mean. I just didn't want anyone to think this was some sort of announcement or anything. 'Cause moments like that are always awkward. Believe me, I know. And the word vomit ends... now. )
Picture provided by google images.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Moving up

Ok besties, I need you.
Tyson and I are beginning the stressful process of looking for a home and I was just wondering if you had any advice about that.
What do you love about your house/apartment? What do you hate? Is there anything you wish you had thought to get in a home but didn't? My mom has already given me good advice (thanks mommy!) and I thought I would just poll the rest of you for your opinions.
So, what should I do? Or not do? Or look at? Or avoid? What if I hate my realtor? Some of those realtors on house hunters drive me crazy! What if I get one like that? Aah, my brain is melting!
What say you, friends?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

1. Participate in a mini triathlon.

So I have been totally afraid to commit to this as a resolution (you know, in case I got lazy and decided to back out) but I found an all women's triathlon/sprint triathlon that I can do August 1st in a nearby city and I really think I want to do it! They even have a novice group for those of us who have never done this before and are terrified of swimming in open water so that we can start off with extra low expectations. I'm kinda excited.

2. Read my scriptures regularly.

Ugh. You. Guys. This was a bad year for daily scripture study. But I'm recommitted! I will read every day this year.

3. Watch less T.V.

Sigh. I love T.V., I really do. It's so pathetic. I know I'm supposed to quantify my resolutions to be more successful at them but I haven't quite figured out what I'm willing to cut back to. And I'm having a hard time getting off the tube during the holidays; I figure it's like going on a diet halfway through a buffet. Real life starts again next week, check in with me then.

4. Stop making fun of how the newscasters dramatise the weather.

Ah, but it's just so easy.

5. Learn to cut Tyson's hair.

Hee hee, we may have to wait until we have another long vacation (which will probably never happen again) before I embark on this resolution. I don't want Tyson to be obligated to go to work or anything with a really horrible haircut. I should have practiced on him a couple weeks ago when we didn't have anything to do (oh yeah, besides finish school and move to a different state) but I didn't think of it then.

6. Quit picking at my cuticals.

I really feel like this is my most annoying habit. Ever. Including the time I was constantly singing Shania Twain songs. I keep telling myself that once I stop picking at them and they look good I will get a manicure. Still haven't gotten one. So if you see me messing with them, slap me! Twice! I want that manicure!

So, those are the resolutions I'm willing to commit to at least halfway. I think it will be a good year.

Happy 2009!!