Monday, May 31, 2010

The days of May, Day 31

Oh thank goodness it's over! May I never blog again.

Tyson thought for sure that I would have some great thing to say with this being the last day of May and all, but no. I have no such endgame. And remind me if I ever decide to do this again that it would be a good idea to start with more than 4 blogs in mind.

With that being said, here's what we did today.

Got Logan a high chair.

I know, finally, right? Although since he doesn't really eat food (although he started eating cheerios today, yay!) we may be putting the cart before the horse. Tyson and I just figured since he had a day off we would go out and get one. And I can't even tell you how much Logan loves it. Wow.

Well, I'll just let the picture do the talking.

So thrilled. Incredible.

Tyson and I were encouraged though because he was pretty quiet while we were eating dinner and we're hoping this means we'll get to eat at the table instead of on the floor with Logan and his toys.

Well friends, with that I'm signing off never to return again.

Ok, not true. I'll be back as soon as I start having withdrawals.

Love you all!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The days of May, Day 30

Silent Sunday
(in other words I can't think of anything to say)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The days of May, Day 29

This weekend the young women are having a fundraiser to raise money for girls camp which includes a silent auction for desserts and services. Desserts, we can do. Services? Well... Tyson and I aren't sure we have much to offer there. We did come up with a few things last night though, you'll have to tell me if you thing any of these would be big sellers.

Tyson thought he could maybe do laser hair removal for a willing guinea pig. What he lacks in experience of actually removing hair he makes up for with knowledge of and access to lasers. 

He also suggested that he would be willing to give people a ride in his car. His car that has over 200,000 miles on it. Now that's an experience. This is also the same car that he took his driving test in... 14 years ago.

I weakly suggested that I could give someone a voice lesson if they wanted and Tyson (who was on a roll last night) chimed in with "you should teach a gardening class!" Har Har Har. Yeah, I stink at gardening.

I also thought that maybe after my recent revelation of how awesome I am at doing hair perhaps I could put a hair service up for bid. No?

Maybe I'll make two desserts.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The days of May, Day 28

See that red mark on my finger?
This is what happens when you mix a glue gun and coke before 11 a.m.

 Yeah, it might be the smallest blister I've ever had but it's also in like the worse place ever. Every time I click the mouse or type the letters y u i h j b n or m it hurts me.

This is the kind of casualty often found at craft day. Oh, what is craft day you ask? Well, it's where a group of my friends get together once a week for lunch, playtime, and occasional crafting. It's a little like "s" and the city I think. But maybe not cause I've only seen that show a couple times on TBS. And I'm scared to put the "s" word on my blog in case creepers find it but you know what I'm talking about right?
(Mari & Logan, Lindsey & Graham, and Kelsey & Sadie, not pictured: Kelly & Rhys)

Anywho, we used to craft a ton which is why we call it craft day but now we have these things called kids and they don't sleep all day anymore. Darn. I mean yay?

At any rate we're lucky these days if we get any crafting done which is why I'm so proud of this.
Whoops, that would be my inspiration from Living with Lindsay (not to be confused with my friend LindsEy). She's pretty much a genius and having a Scentsy giveaway right now but don't go enter because I want to win.

Here's what I did. Are you ready...?

Stop, stop. I know you're impressed but the server will probably crash or something if you all try to compliment me at once so just take it easy, ok? Not gonna lie, it makes my debilitating glue gun burn totally worth it. Now I just need to decide where to hang it.

So as you can see we're having a little problem here.

Craft day is no longer deserving of that name. We need to call it/ourselves something else but we don't know where do start. All our creativity ran out when our water broke or something. We read about little groups that have cute names (ie. the secret stitch club or the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society) and we want a cute name too!

Any clever ideas my loving and creative friends? We need help!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The days of May, Day 27

The good news is that I have not yet put Logan up for sale on craig's list.

Bad news: The day isn't over yet.*

Apparently this no nap thing is more of a phase rather than a one time occurrence. Dang.

So, after a long morning/afternoon of dealing with Mr. CrankyMcNonap I did what any sane mother would do in my situation.

I made muddy buddies.

Yep, we already know that eating junk food is how I deal with the trials of motherhood, probably an issue for Jillian Michaels, so this really should have come as no surprise. It's just so much easier to tolerate the whining with a mouthful of chocolate and peanut butter, know what I'm sayin'?

Unfortunately after putting him on the floor with only my shoelaces to entertain him while I "cooked", he really lost it and I didn't get to indulge myself.

Until now.

He is finally finally asleep and I am having a moment of sugar coma inducing bliss. The kitchen is a mess and I don't care. I've got the recliner fully extended, laptop on my, uh, lap, and powdered sugar trailing across my chest.

Now my only worries are making sure I lick my fingers before I type and how to explain to Tyson why there isn't any left for him.

HA HA HA, I kid.


*For those of you who don't know me that well, I would never actually put my child up for sale or harm him in any way. I love him. Even when he screams in my ear for two hours straight. I'm just sayin'.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The days of May, Day 26

Logan and I love going to thrift stores. And by this I mean I love getting things for a good deal and Logan loves toothless old women with long sparkly fingernails.

It is, as they say, a win win. In fact, I recently got Logan these pants at a thrift store for two dollars. Joy!

So we were out looking for steals one day when I came across a Goodwill Outlet store. "Ooh, an outlet version, wanna check it out?" I asked Logan. He answered with a resounding "DA?" I assumed that meant yes so we went for it.

Guys, I wish I had taken a picture because it may take me literally 1,000 words to adequately describe the chaos that is the Goodwill outlet.

It was a huge warehouse with rows and rows of gigantic blue bins filled with stuff. Piles of stuff. And people were bent over these bins just chucking crap over their shoulders into their carts. There was no rhyme or reason to what was in each bin as far as I could tell. Dishes, clothes, random wooden objects, dirt, broken glass, who knows what all mixed in together. I noticed on signs hanging from the ceiling that everything was sold by the pound - the more pounds you had, the less each pound cost which I guess explained the growing piles of junk in everyone's carts. We had to hide out in the back with the furniture until we made sense of everything going on.

You guys, it made a regular Goodwill look like Nordstrom's.

In fact, once we escaped we went to a regular Goodwill to recover.

We didn't find anything great that day but someday I'll find a real treasure during one of these trips and I'll totally show it to you.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The days of May, Day 25

I'd like to introduce Mr. CrankyMcNonap.

He made an unwelcome appearance at our house today and stayed for several hours demanding constant love, attention, and food which he thanked me for with a bite using those sharp little teeth.


Cranks (as I like to call him) has only been mildly redeemed because the more intense his angry screams are, the more intense his belly laughs are if you can find the right trigger. Today it was a tickle to the ribs.

Unfortunately though, the lack of nap brings out this girl.
Sister needs a break, know what I'm sayin? Yikes.

And this results in eating large quantities of things like this.
And now I've gained back the weight I lost at the beginning of the month. Awesome.

Anyway, I've got to publish this thing before midnight, so I would like us all to take a moment of silence for the nap that never got a chance to live...


And let us pray that this never happens again.

Thank you.


Monday, May 24, 2010

The days of May, Day 24

In the words of Jeff Probst, "I've got nothin' for ya."

Seriously, I'm drawing a total blank for the blog today. For this I blame LOST. You see, I have a tendency to get overly involved with fictional characters.

I was depressed when I finished the Anne of Green Gables series knowing that the stories I loved were over forever.

I cried for two days when Lucy died on E.R.

And now I'm super bummed that LOST is done. I really did love the finale though... I think. My sadness about the show being over is affecting my judgement of the final episode but I couldn't think of a better ending. I don't want to put any spoilers on the blog but did you guys like it? Did you watch it? Do you want to move to Hawaii with me and start our own dharma initiative? I'll bring the bunnies.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The days of May, Day 23

Yesterday we were... frustrated.

We are still in the process of putting the blinds on our house (I know, I know, we've been dragging this out way too long) so yesterday we went to Lowe's to get a couple more blinds for the green room. Part of this process is waiting for the blinds to be cut to size in the store and on a Saturday the wait can be quite a while.

So as you can imagine we were thrilled when there was someone to help us right away and no line at the cutting machine. Great! We just need these two blinds cut and we'll be outta here.

One and a half hours later we were done.

Long story short - the guy didn't know what he was doing. He fully admitted it to us as we continued to check on his progress and incorrectly cut blinds were piling up around him.

We left Lowe's vowing to never return.

A couple hours later, after Logan finished his nap, we got the blinds out eager to hang them and be done with the ordeal.

But what's this? We were missing one of the brackets that holds the blinds up. Bah! Unbelievable! Back to Lowe's.

Our missing bracket is right on top of the blind cutting machine and we grab it with the assistance of an associate and home we go. Unfortunately they were doing some road work on one of the two bridges that we needed to take back home and traffic was a nightmare. A typically easy 15 minute drive took over an hour.


I shake my fist at you.

And the blinds still aren't up.

Of course.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The days of May, Day 22

This one is for the grandmas.
He cracks up whenever I brush my teeth or blow dry my hair.
He gets super excited to eat when we are eating but rejects 90% of what we give him.
He enjoys classical and hip hop music but so far doesn't seem to like actual kid's songs.
He is more interested in 2-4 year old kids than kids his own age.
He falls asleep faster if you play with his ear.
He loves to play peek-a-boo and will try to do it with whatever is in his hands.

He's my sweet baby!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The days of May, Day 21

Friday Flashback!

We went disco skating once.
Yes, that's skating like with wheels.
I fell.
More than once.
Tyson didn't.
Plus he can skate backwards.

It was hot.
We were skinny.
But my pants were still too tight.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

The days of May, Day 20

Random Thoughts. If these don't make sense - blame the head cold.

1. Sometimes I feel a baby kicking in my tummy. BUT THERE IS NO BABY IN MY TUMMY! It's like a phantom limb. But a baby. I have a phantom baby.

2. Occasionally headlights will flash across our bedroom window at night. Totally normal. Except there is a field behind our house, not a road. If you don't hear from me again it's because the aliens have abducted me.

3. I would appreciate it if no one gives this book to my son.

4. It's about time for me to start investing in the miraculous push up bra from Victoria's Secret. That is all you need to know.

5. I believe I would like to boycott American Idol next year. Who's with me!? Also up for elimination - Biggest Loser.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The days of May, Day 19

We're sick.

All three of us have a nasty head cold and we're kind of hating our lives. Luckily Logan thinks it's hilarious when I blow my nose so there's about an hours worth of entertainment right there. Unfortunately he doesn't find his own nose wiping as amusing. I'll probably have to take him to the doctor at some point but I'm just trying to time my visit to the pediatrician for after Logan gets an ear infection, and before it gets bad. I figure an ear infection is probably a sure thing. He's still in a fairly good mood but not sleeping as well so it may be time.

In spite of that we've had a pretty good last couple of days. I ended my birthday week on Sunday with a triumph over 27 candles at a little family birthday party.

The garden is growing! Soon I'll have to thin a few of these plants and kill their little lives. So sad. But a few must die for the rest to live. I'm sure there's a metaphor in there somewhere but I have a cold so I can't think.

Darn you toy manufacturers making my kid want your stuff! And did I buy this for him? Yes, yes I did.

Tyson and I are waiting with bated breath for the LOST finale. If it does anything less than blow our minds we're going to be totally disappointed. Disappointed and sleep deprived since it goes until 11:30 and we usually go to bed at 10. I sure hope it delivers.

Um, don't tell Tyson.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The days of May, Day 18

Secret wish revealed!
I have always wanted to go to cosmetology school. Doing people's hair is so fun for me and I would love to have a salon in my house. I bet I would be good at it.

I mean, look at the evidence.

I put extensions in my roommate's hair once. They looked like plastic barbie hair. I think she took them out the same day.

I put a different kind of braided extensions in my friend's hair. The mom of a 12 year old saw them and paid me to put them in her daughter's hair. I did. It only took me like 11 hours.

I dyed another friend's hair from blond to red once. And by red I mean pink. And by pink I mean not what she had in mind. She went to a salon the next day to get it fixed.

I put highlights in a former roommate's hair. After we were done and she had left I received a text from her that said something to the effect of: "I don't think I'm going to go out tonight. I just got my hair done and I don't like it." This text was obviously not meant for me.

Or was it...

Clearly the beauty school of hard knocks benefits the beautician more than the client. And don't think I have escaped being experimented on. I too have experienced hairtastrophe when I had a highlight job done wrong at the beauty school. Platinum and orange stripes my friends. That was a fun one to grow out.

Well maybe someday when Tyson and I are rich and bored (sometime in the near future for sure) I'll go to school and live the dream.

But wait, all is not lost. Tyson suggested several months ago that he would like me to cut his hair. He figured it would save us money and now that I was a wife and soon to be mother (this was when I was pregnant) I surely had the skills to become the family barber. I have to be honest, I wasn't so sure. I mean, I have mad skills with girls' hair, not boys'. But the call of hair wanting to be cut was strong and I was weak so I went with him for his last regular haircut to see how it was done.

I'm pretty sure the girl cutting his hair was getting nervous what with me spying on her from behind a magazine. I was trying to be stealth but I had to see everything she was doing so I couldn't look away that much. I imagined her thinking that I was some sort of crazy jealous prego lady who didn't like other women touching her husband.

Or she might not have thought twice about it.

So now I cut his hair for him and every 6 weeks we high five each other about saving another 20 bucks.

This is an old picture but his hair is fairly short so I must have cut it recently. Sometimes I get scared that he secretly wishes I wasn't cutting it because I know I don't do as good a job as a professional but he always tells me it's fine.

My next fear is that he's going to convince me to cut Logan's hair and things will go horribly horribly wrong and I'll either cut his ear off or make him look less cute. I'm not ready for that.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The days of May, Day 17

Another project! With the days getting longer it became necessary to block the light from getting into Logan's room. We already had blinds in there but they just weren't cutting it. So we bought some light blocking curtains. We took them home and what did we see?
So much for being light blocking. Lame!
We thought for a minute then held up some fabric that I bought for another project to see if it blocked the light any better. It sure did so I bought some more and winged it with some help from the internet.

And Logan has been sleeping so much better! Totally worth the frustration of making curtains for the first time.
And the clincher... total cost:
6 bucks.
That's right.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The days of May, Day 16

My first massage.

It's a little weird if you think about it too much. Alone and nearly nudie in a darkened room with a stranger touching you for an hour.

I loved it.

I was kinda nervous going into it though. What do I wear? I can't forget to shave. What if I get razor burn? Are my feet normal? Will she be able to tell I have no muscles? What if she's a he? What if I have to go to the bathroom? Are the drinks free?

Now you know why I needed a massage.

Things started off great; I quickly learned how impossible it was to talk with my face pressed into a doughnut and finally just let myself relax.

So much so, in fact, that I may have drooled onto the floor a little bit while she worked on my shoulders. Just a little bit. I'm sure other people have totally done that.

So I'm relaxing, clearing my mind, and enjoying myself when a little bit of air got trapped between my masseuse's hand and my shoulder. "Pffft!" Right into my ear.

A massage toot.

I wanted to laugh so so bad. After several minutes of thinking unfunny thoughts I was able to suppress my inner 12 year old boy and go back to enjoying the massage.

When it was done I somehow was able to turn down the sales pitch for a membership (they are smart to try and sell it to you after) and go out to my car where I looked in the mirror and saw lines imprinted all over my face from the doughnut.
It was wonderful. I would recommend to all the husbands who read this blog (um, probably none) to get their wives a massage for Valentine's Day. She will sing your praises for weeks.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The days of May, Day 15



So, my baby Logan? Not a fan of actual food. However, he loves to pretend to eat. Every time Tyson and I eat in front of him he gets all excited and wants to eat off of our silverware but only if there isn't any food on it.

Now if I could only get him to eat something besides bananas without gagging for five minutes, that would be great.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The days of May, Day 14

I recently put a video on this blog, did I not? And it worked, yeah? So what is happening to make it not work now!? Boo, BOO!! Sometimes electronic stuff makes me frustrated.

Anyway, since I can't cop out and show you a cute video of (who else?) Logan, I'll show you something else I made recently.

Cute huh? I signed up for a craft exchange on this blog and this is what I made for my exchangee. So easy too! I found a piece of wood leftover from the house, cut it down, and painted it blue making sure that some of the white underneath showed through. Then I mod podged some paper onto wooden letters, nailed some sawtooth hangers to the board and glued the letters to the board. Added a ribbon as a final touch and I was done.

I almost didn't send it because I want it in my own house but since half the fun is in making it, I decided to do a variation on this for me. When I'm done I'll show you how it turns out!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The days of May, Day 13

Another birthday has come and gone.
It was a busy day (I was in charge of our young women's activity last night) but in the 45 min between Tyson getting home and me having to leave, we ate a quick dinner and opened presents!

Somehow Tyson is always able to capture the most beautiful pictures of me. I swear this happens every time he gets the camera.
He didn't actually get me fruity pebbles by the way. We have a tradition of wrapping our presents in random boxes to confuse the receiver of the gift. You should see all the plastic bags of cereal missing their boxes in our pantry right now.

I had to show a picture of this card that my mom got me.
It plays the macarena.
Totally cracked me up.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The days of May, Day 12 (Happy birthday, Mari)

Hi everybody, this is the husband hijacking day 12 of the May days. I just wanted to wish my love a happy birthday.
Love you babe. Happy birthday.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The days of May, Day 11

We had a moment of beautiful weather so Logan and I went out and got our garden on. He was thrilled to spend some time outside and I couldn't wait to get my hands in the dirt.
I pretty much killed our whole garden last year (although we did get some peas) but I'm still going into this year optimistically.
Maybe I've gotten better? Somehow? Using a spoon instead of a trowel was probably a good start.

Tyson found the trowel for me later.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The days of May, Day 10

Back when I was younger, sometime after getting my braces off, I decided that I didn't like the way my smile looked in pictures. So, in true top model fashion, I practiced smiling in the mirror until I found a look that seemed natural enough and also showed off my pearly whites.

I also practiced my about-to-get-kissed face. You know, just in case.

Well apparently Logan has been doing the same thing (with the smile, not the kissing part) because his grin went from this:

to this:

and this:
Although this new smile does indeed show off his new teeth, the whole natural part may have escaped him.
It also may or may not involve some snorting if he's excited.

Even though I find this new look endearing and rather hilarious, it may require some refining before yearbook pictures.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The days of May, Day 9

Happy Mother's Day!
Love you mom! Thanks for letting me call you everyday.

(No I did not eat all those doughnuts. Tyson just wanted me to have options :) In fact, I didn't eat any of them (for breakfast) The crepes + nutella + bacon + orange juice filled me right up thankyouverymuch.) (Pretty sure calories on Mother's day don't count.) (I nursed Logan extra though just in case.) (Just kidding.)
(Or not.)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The days of May, Day 8

Today I am grateful for tiny miracles.

I was getting ready to take Logan out shopping and because I had parked my car in our inclined driveway, the door gently closed itself after I put Logan in the car. (It's not what you think, I had my keys :-) ) I made a mental note to reclose that door because I knew it hadn't shut all the way but after having the trunk close on me several times while I was trying to put the stroller in, I completely forgot.

Off we went.

As we were driving I could hear the wind whistling in and in a flash I remembered that I hadn't closed that rear door. I glanced back to see how bad it was. Yeah, definitely not closed. And then I glanced back again.

Somehow, that door was locked. I hadn't locked any of my other doors and my car definitely doesn't automatically lock anything (hurrah 1995!) so I am baffled as to how that happened. We made it safe to Home Depot, luckily it's not that far away, and I checked to see if I could even open the door with it locked like that. Nope.

Now I don't know, maybe we would have been fine if the door hadn't locked and we most likely would have been fine if the door had even swung open or something. Logan and I are always both buckled in so it probably wouldn't have been a tragedy.

But you never know.

So today I am grateful.

And because I feel like it - a picture of my boy.
Because the only thing more fun than putting random crap on your baby's head is putting random crap on your baby's head and then taking a picture.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The days of May, Day 7

He puts the bum in bumbo.

Yeah, it's stuck.

And what's up with baby things all starting with the letter b anyway? Binky, bumbo, baby bjiorn, boppy... Tyson and I pretty much use all these words interchangeably and call it good.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The days of May, Day 6

Um yeah, I tried this the next day.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The days of May, Day 5

5 favorite sounds
1. A baby laughing
2. Silence + the dishwasher in the background
3. Rain
4. A puzzle piece snapping into place
5. The sizzle of a match dipped into water

5 least favorite sounds
1. A dramatic woman giving birth
2. The spin cycle starting on the washing machine
3. Styrofoam squeaking
4. Someone eating cereal with their mouth open
5. People making out on the bachelor

5 people I would not like to be trapped in an elevator with
1. Hannibal Lector
2. The Aflac duck (ok, not a person but still)
3. Dr. Phil
4. Spencer Pratt
5. The burger "king"

5 things I think I like but then really don't
1. Pedicures
2. Painting pottery
3. Sunglasses
4. Bangs (on me)
5. The color red

5 reasons to eat ice cream for dinner (not that I do that anymore)
1. Had a good day
2. Had a bad day
3. You are with child and overdue
4. Because the freezer broke
5. Because you pledged to blog everyday for a month and it's only day 5 and you're running out of ideas and it's stressing you out.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Enjoy your tacos!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The days of May, Day 4

So the other day my mom and I were having an "anything you can eat I can eat unhealthier" conversation. It went a little something like this.

"I had a piece of pizza and a bowl of frosted mini wheats for lunch. At least the 'frosted' included a little wheat."
"I ate KFC for dinner. At least I got grilled and not deep fried chicken."
"I had chocolate chip cookies for dinner."
"I ate an entire bag of chocolate chips for lunch."

I'm not going to tell you who won, frankly it's easier for me to pretend this whole exchange was between a couple of strangers on their first day of Biggest Loser. A show my mom and I would rather not be eligible for if we can help it.

But you may be thinking, "um Mari? I thought you started p90x a few months ago. According to those commercials you should be in the best shape of your life right now." Well, let's just say it was going great but then my parents came to visit and then Logan got more demanding and well the 90 part sorta turned into 27 or so and before you can say "Tony Horton" 4 months went by and I'm back where I started.

One might say I lack motivation.


I'm getting back on the horse though with two specific goals in mind.

1) Eat better
2) Exercise more

Okay, so it's not exactly a 12 step program but ever since my mom and I confessed our sins to each other I've been living a healthier life. I've even lost 2 lbs which I wasn't expecting but you won't hear me complaining about that one. I think the key to my success so far is that my mom and I are continuing to report everything we do to each other with the promise that if we're good, a shopping trip could be in our near future.

I have to admit that talking about healthy food isn't nearly as fun as the scandalous junk food was but I'm pretty sure my arteries appreciate it.

So, no more luckies for breakfast, only cheerios now.


Monday, May 3, 2010

The days of May, Day 3

Would you be so shocked if once again I have a question for you? It's almost like my blog is a reverse 'Dear Abby' where I ask the questions and you all help me with answers.

Tyson and I were thinking of getting a new camera (for my birthday, score!) and I was wondering what you all would suggest. I think we're looking into a digital SLR of some sort but nothing too fancy. I am for sure an amateur and probably always will be so something user friendly would definitely be a good idea.

Any thoughts?

Oh hey, would you like an update on the 'bot'? I love that name by the way Shelly. It has been separated! Tyson tapped it with a hammer a bunch of times and got it apart. It wasn't exactly a pleasant experience for him considering I had last used the pot to boil chicken and the leftover water was trapped in there. Stagnating.

But yes, all is well and I have used both the bowl and the pot several times already, neither of which was too damaged from my less than delicate method of trying to separate them.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The days of May, Day 2

Off to church!
We've got stake conference today and they are rearranging the boundaries of almost all the wards. Here's hoping that we stay where we are. We love our ward! Ooh, I'm nervous. Last time Tyson and I were in a stake that got reconfigured our choir went from about 20 members to like 4.

I was choir director.

It was a bummer.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The days of May

I've been thinking that it might be fun to do a post every day for a month. Seeing as it's a new month now and my birthday month no less, my gift to you is a post every day.

You're welcome.

As I was wondering what I should write about today, my sweet son presented me with a lovely option.

Caution: disturbing image ahead.

Without further ado I give you Banana's Revenge.


-The onesie. This is the first one I've ever cut off and man did it feel good to just throw it away. We had a similar blow out at church last Sunday and I was actually able to save the white polo that he was wearing even after stuffing it into a plastic bag for an hour. Three cheers for oxy clean!

-My olfactory glands. I swear I can still smell it. I've checked my clothes multiple times and I'm fairly confident there isn't any on me. Candles have been lit.

-Logan's dignity. Ha ha, hopefully not.

Anyway, I figure this is a good place to start because it can only go up from here, right?

Happy May!