Monday, September 28, 2009

The birth - part 1

It seems like every time I sit down to write about Logan's birth, I fall asleep. Imagine that! I really want to get it down before I forget though, so here goes.

Thursday morning I woke up around 7 with contractions that felt a little bit different from those I had encountered so far. Difference was - these ones hurt.
But not that bad.

So I assumed it was nothing and went on to blog as normal. I did mention my contractions to my mom since she is here and we decided to continue on with our original plans for the day because I was convinced nothing was going to happen anyway.

I maybe started to suspect something was up when my contractions were coming about 3-4 minutes apart as we walked the mall, but since I could still walk and (almost) talk through them I wasn't convinced it was real labor.

Then we came home and they spread back out to around 7 minutes apart so I talked myself out of even hoping it was labor.

My mom suggested I try to take a nap (since she was sure I was in labor) and would most likely need the rest. I tried to sleep but the contractions were startling me out of a doze because they hurt so bad. I decided that sitting around waiting for contractions was not that fun, so I grabbed mom and we went for another walk.

And once again the contractions sped up to about 3-4 minutes apart. It was getting close to 5 pm so I texted Tyson to make sure he was coming home on time. I was ready for his support but certainly not ready to do anything drastic like go to the hospital. Too bad he had other plans for me. After timing my contractions, watching me breathe through them, and a phone call from his dr. brother saying we needed to go to the hospital, I pretty much had no choice. We were on our way.

The reason I was so hesitant to go was because everyone says you'll know when you're in labor. Well, guess what folks, I didn't know. The contractions just didn't hurt that bad! And I was still in a way good mood which I hear doesn't happen that often. See, here I was having a contraction, walking, laughing and telling my mom not to take a picture. Way to coherent for real labor!

So you can imagine my surprise when after some monitoring and checking in triage, I was definitely in labor and dilated to a 6.

A 6!

My goal was to get to at least a 5 on my own before requesting an epidural and now I was at a 6 and not even checked into the hospital yet. I guess it's a good thing I didn't stay home another hour or two before going to the hospital like I wanted to.

Well, this isn't a great place to pause my story, but the baby must be fed!

To be continued, and things do get a little more exciting...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Welcome Logan!

Born Sep 25 at 4:21 a.m.
7 lbs 8 oz 20.5 inches

Birth story to come...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Overdue: Day 3

So my dr visit was... not that encouraging.

Dilated to a 1.5, 65% effaced.

Basically no change from last week although he did sound more positive than last time. And he stripped my membranes again. It hurt worse.

I go back on Monday and if I make it to that appointment we're gonna talk an induction soon after. Hopefully I have this baby before Monday although I have talked to several people who've had positive induction experiences. I would just prefer this to start naturally if possible.

But then again, if the doc wanted to induce today... I wouldn't say no.

Doc also told me that my baby felt like an average size. Not too big, not too small. That sounds perfect to me :)

In other news, my mom is here, yay! We're just pretending that she's here for a pleasure trip and if the baby happens to come, great. Although since she's staying til Oct 10 he'd better come while she's here or we're all in trouble. But in the meantime we're just enjoying ourselves.

And you may have noticed that one of my tickers is gone. Since the countdown was counting back up I decided it needed to be eliminated, stat. I don't need something telling me that I have more days until the baby comes!

'Til next time!

p.s. I hope he comes soon otherwise these posts are gonna get real boring. I'm running out of things to say!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Overdue: Day 2

Sorry for being such a Debbie Downer yesterday. Let's blame that on the hormones, k?

I came out of my funk yesterday afternoon and even had Tyson take pics of my bare belly so I wouldn't forget what it was like. The pics are for me and won't be appearing on the blog. I know you're sad about that one.

But yeah, I had a bunch of errands to run yesterday and I ran into the nicest people the whole time. Strangers have been talking to me about my pregnancy since I started showing - day 5 or so - and yesterday was no different. However, the people I saw yesterday just seemed to have so much love for me, especially when they realized I was overdue. It was amazing.

The old lady who asked me how much weight I had gained didn't even bother me because her intent really was to give me a complement on how good I looked. It just came off a little wrong, especially since I've gained 40 lbs (heh). I seriously think that Heavenly Father put those people in my path to help me out since he knew I was having a rough go of it.

I will admit that I punished my body for letting me go overdue by having a chocolate extreme blizzard for dinner yesterday. It was the best dinner ever and I didn't regret a moment of it, even during the resulting heartburn. Splurging is totally deserved at this point I think.

Well, I'm seeing the doctor this morning; I'll let you know how it goes. Hopefully there is some good news coming my way!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

...and we're in overtime

Overdue: Day 1
It's surprising to me how instantly discouraging it can be to go past your due date. Even though I told myself over and over again that most first time moms go past their due date and I would be fine when it happened to me... not so much.
Sept 21 has been my identity since the beginning of the year and now it has passed. I forgot to plan what I was going to do when Sept 22 got here.
Thank goodness my mom comes tomorrow...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Our little miracle...

Has not yet arrived.
Yep, today is the day. The day I've been waiting for. The day I've been counting down to for 9 months. The day of reckoning.
And I got nuthin'.
Guess that's why they call them estimated due dates.
I had actually been feeling pretty good until this weekend. I had reached a state of zen pregnancy where I was enjoying myself, loving feeling the baby move, and just embracing my body in general. Then something happened and now everything hurts. I seriously feel like I've been riding a horse for three days. Bareback. At a trot.
And something happened to my joints that makes me feel like I have arthritis.
Anyway, I figure I'll keep you updated on what's going on here with frequent posts because the only thing harder than waiting for your own baby is waiting for your friend's. Ha ha, not! I do appreciate that everyone cares about me and is interested in my welfare though.
And of course everyone wants to be the first to see the most beautiful baby born ever!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Drop it like it's hot!

I believe I am experiencing the phenomenon called "dropping" where your belly goes from a high round basketball... this.
A watermelon threatening to escape out your belly button.

What this basically means is that I have to pee more often (didn't know that was possible) and the bottom of my belly hangs out of all of my shirts. This leaves me resigned to wearing the one pair of pants that has a band that used to go up to my ribcage. Now that band just covers my belly button but whatever. As long as my bare tummy isn't showing, I'm good.

*Warning: TMI on the pregnancy info coming up*

I went to the doc today and had my first internal exam. It was great fun and I discovered that I am 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced. He also stripped my membranes.

Ouchie mama.

And I'm pretty sure it didn't do a dang thing. In fact, I believe I've had less contractions today than in the last 3 or 4 days. Oh well. They tell me he can't stay in there forever. I'm pretty much banking on that one.

And the doc said he could feel his head. Crazy! I want to feel his head!

Then again, maybe not...

At least not the way the dr. did it.

So that's where we're at pregnancy-wise. Tyson and I put a waterproof pad on my side of the bed in case my water breaks in the night and Tyson's convinced that he's coming tomorrow. I just asked him why and he says that he just feels right about it. I... would love that, but... I don't quite have that same conviction. I'm feeling like baby boy is gonna be late and just praying that he gets here before October.

Can I get an amen?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Because I can't reach...

He did it for me. He's so cute.
In fact, let's make this whole post all about him.
-I wouldn't say he's afraid of frogs, he's my man and has no fear, but he certainly doesn't enjoy them. Unfortunately our backyard is riddled with tiny frogs all the time. I think they're cute, he saw one on the sliding door and wouldn't use that door for two days.
-And speaking of frogs and other creatures, he's very careful to avoid them while mowing the lawn. It takes him about twice as long to mow because he's constantly stopping and starting to wait for the frogs to jump away but he does it anyway to spare their little lives. On Saturday he saw a praying mantis and circled around it with the mower so as not to kill it. He picked it up and moved it himself when he came back to the spot and it still hadn't left.
-He does, however, kill spiders for me. At church on Sunday there was a spider on the floor that was totally freaking me out. I wanted Tyson to kill it for me, but he didn't want to offend any spider lovers in the vicinity (we do live in washington, people love nature here) so he walked casually out as if he was getting a drink and stepped on the spider on his way.
-I came home from Young Women's on Wednesday to find these guys greeting me.
-He unearthed his Star Wars figurines and set them up as sentries to guard our safety.
-He also bought shelves that night for his truck collection so we could set them up for our boy. He was so excited to get them out and put them up that I almost had to wonder who the toys are really for... -Although I haven't quite felt the urge yet, he's been nesting. He'll walk around the house singing a nesting song as he works on projects that he's been meaning to get done. Meanwhile I sit on the couch trying to decide whether to play another game of solitaire or take a bath :) I'm sure I'll get the nesting desire soon... right?
-He's the best and I can't wait to see him as a daddy!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pregnancy rap

My belly's gettin' fattah, my skin is gonna tear.
The heartburn's been so bad, boy you better have some hair.
Gettin' sick of all the questions; of sayin' when I'm due.
See a buffet, outta my way, can't you tell I eat for two?

But I, luh luh-luh luh luh luh-luv you.
Luh luh-luh luh luh luh-luv you.

The doc says he don't know when this baby's gonna come.
So until this labor happens I'll be sittin' on my bum.
With an achin' in my back, and my feet swelled up like Shrek.
Tell my why, oh why, did I sign up for this trek?

Cause I, luh luh-luh luh luh luh-luv you.
Luh luh-luh luh luh luh-luv you.

I feel this baby growin', his feet up in my rib.
Makes me think we both be wishin' for the space up in his crib.
Whenever he don't like stuff, he gives a little poke.
Can't tell if it's my bladder or my water done broke.

And I, luh luh-luh luh luh luh-luv you.
Luh luh-luh luh luh luh-luv you.