Thursday, August 18, 2011


Sooo... I'm putting ads on my blog.

I dunno.

I've been thinking about doing it for awhile just to see what would happen, but then I think

"this is a family blog, people don't come here for ads."


"who do I think I am thinking my blog is worthy of advertisement anyway?"

But then there's the reverse side,

"if I'm already blogging anyway, why not just see if I could actually make a couple bucks and buy myself a fat quarter or something?"

So when blogger told me my blog was popular and that I should put ads on, I finally caved.

Do you guys hate me? Do people even care?


  1. I only hate you because you are hilarious and your blog is popular... :) Just kidding I don't hate you at all.

  2. I am not a hater.

  3. I think it's awesome! I know someone famous!! hahaha! Who cares if there's ads?!

  4. Smartypants.

    Wish my blog was popular enough for ads!

  5. I hate you. Just kidding. I love you. And I love that your blog is pop.u.lar. (Sung in a very Wickedish voice). You go girl.

  6. i wont hate u as long as i get a cut from the click i'm about to make. :)