Saturday, July 25, 2009

The results are in...

So I found out the results of my gestational diabetes test last week but before I tell you what they were can I please please describe to you the torture that was the three hour test?

What? It's my blog and I can do whatever I want? That's what I thought.

So, for starters I had to get up earlier than usual to be at the lab at 7:45 am. I couldn't eat breakfast so...

Wait, I should back up a little more.

When the nurse told me what I had to do to prepare for the test, one of the requirements was that I had to "fast for 12 hours prior, so no eating after midnight".

Even though my test started at 8. Midnight to 8 is only... whatever.

I went with the 12 hour recommendation but stopped eating after 7 since if I eat after that I get (worse) heartburn anyway.

So what I'm trying to tell you is that the 12 hour fast had no effect on my daily life.
Until I had to leave the house without eating breakfast.

Cranky McGee.

But, I'm tough, I can deal.

However, when I get to the lab NO ONE IS THERE! I had no choice but to immediately send Tyson a text message of complaint and then sit and wait.

An old man who looked about as cranky as I felt tried to get into the lab and then joined me in my patient vigil. I smiled at him as I silently vowed that I would beat him to the door when they opened so I could start my test first.

And I did.


We finally got in and my test began with a stab in the arm, followed by the instructions to drink a bottle of glucose liquid. When given the choice between orange and lemon-lime, I went with the l-l.

Bad decision.

Apparently Voldemort was part of the design team for this one because it was horrible! I almost expected a prize when I finished drinking it, but instead I got to sit in the lab for three hours with my only diversion being three more stabs to the arm.

Well, plus I brought our laptop and a movie which helped. And I didn't have to sit in the waiting room, I got my own room in the back but still! Not a fun way to spend your morning, ok!?

At any rate, I got the results back and...

False alarm!

No Gestational Diabetes!

Krispy Kremes for everyone!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Knock knock... who's there?

My parents!

They had been in cahoots with Tyson for the last several weeks planning to suprise me with a visit and they sure did! I had no idea! So when Tyson came home and told me there was a package at the front door I opened it expecting to see a cardboard box and instead my parents were standing there.
It was awesome.

So awesome, in fact, that I'm going to tell you EVERYTHING that we did.
Right now.
But I'll do it in bullet form so you dont want to poke out your eyes by the time this post is over. Hopefully.

-We went on a walk by the lake (I forgot to take a picture)

-We went to craft warehouse (twice)

-We went out to eat :)

-I got heartburn :(

-We made crafts!!!

-Mom is better at stapleing into wood than I am.

-Good thing we finished before she left.

-We went to multnomah falls (see top picture)

-Tyson took this picture of us.

-It made me laugh.
-We're still not sure about this pose of his.

-But I like it anyway.

-We tried to visit the dam.
-It closed at 5.
-We were there at 5:10.
-You might say we were dam dissappointed.
-Mom cleaned my kitchen lots.
-Now I can't find stuff.
-It is the mark of having your mother in your home and I like it.
-We saw Harry Potter.
-We shared several bags of candy.
-I got heartburn.
-We went to the rose gardens
-I saw the cutest rose ever.
-And the plant I am least likely to request for my own garden.
-We did a lot of walking while they were here.
-I got cankles for the first time.
-They might be the least attractive thing about pregnancy.
-The parents left on Saturday :(
-I can't wait 'til they come again!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Golf and... 30 weeks!

So when I told my mom I was planning on going golfing her response was something like, "Wha...? With that belly?"
And I even took about 15 strokes off my game.
However, due to the heat and the 1,254,730 braxton hicks contractions I decided that this should be my last golfing excursion until after the baby comes.
Ah, it was fun while it lasted.

In other news, I am now 30 weeks pregnant! Woo hoo! I feel like this is a landmark week in the world of pregnancy and so I decided to celebrate it with a date at the pizza buffet and a batch of Tyson's delicious chocolate chip cookies (still haven't gotten the results of that glucose test, ignorance is bliss...).
Some newish things that have cropped up in the third trimester are:
-The worst heartburn ever. Like really, ever. I've never had heartburn before so I didn't know how bad it could be. Wow. I was waking up at night choking on stomach acid so I started taking prilosec, sleeping on multiple pillows, not eating after 7 ish, drinking milk with dinner, avoiding fatty and spicy foods, keeping tums in the kitchen, next to my bed, and in my purse, and eating raisin bran every day. Oh wait, the raisin bran is for a different problem... never mind. Anyway...
-The baby is moving differently now. Instead of getting mostly quick kicks and jabs I'm getting slower, more prominent movements. I think it's pretty cool feeling him slide along the inside of my tummy although sometimes it hurts a little!
-Sometimes I waddle. I try not to if I can help it though.
-The excitement is mounting! Only about 10 weeks left until I meet my little man.

Woo hoo!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Unbalanced. Or is it imbalanced?

So I keep reading stuff about how I need to be careful because now that my belly is sticking out my balance is off.


Although my balance has never been that good, it has certainly not gotten any worse. In fact, I plan on riding my bike until the day I deliver! Ok, maybe not quite until then because my thighs are already hitting my tummy when I pedal and I think it makes the baby cranky. Tyson and I were raising my seat every time my tummy got to a new level of grandness, but you can only go so high. At any rate, we went over 6 miles on Wednesday and it felt great so I'm still good for awhile I think.

Ok, I didn't mean to tangent for quite that long.

Last night as I was coming back to bed after my second bathroom trip of the night, I raised my leg to climb into bed and next thing I knew, I was flat on the floor.


Now, I've never gone cow tipping but I can only imagine that I looked like a startled cow coming out of a sleepy state to find she was heading for the ground through no fault of her own, mooing softly as she fell. Yeah, I might have mooed, who knows.

Whatever I did, it wasn't loud enough to wake Tyson, thank goodness, because I can only imagine the look on his face if he woke to find me sprawled out on the floor.


After some analyzation of the situation I decided it was more my state of mind then my preggo belly that caused me to fall. You see, as I was about to get into bed I had a moment where I couldn't decided if I wanted to grab the tums off my nightstand and then get into bed, or if I wanted to get in bed first and then grab the tums. That moment of hesitation was my downfall.


At any rate, I'm fine, don't worry about me.

And I'm totally gonna keep riding my bike!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


My dr. just called and said I failed my 1 hour glucose test for gestational diabetes.
By 3 points.
Now I have to go back on Thursday for a 3 hour test that includes getting my blood drawn 4 times.
Did I mention that I hate needles?
Big time?
Let's all just hope that this next test comes back negative and I'm good to go, k?
The magical glory and joy of the 2nd trimester has officially ended.

In other news I made something new for the baby's room.
With a couple of old frames and some leftover paint and scrapbook paper...


Someday these will be hanging on the wall above a dresser but for now, they lean on the floor.

Til next time.

Peace out.