Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spoon mirror

Have you guys seen this fabulous chrysanthemum mirror floating around the internets?

As soon as I saw it on Addicted 2 Decorating I pinned it and vowed that I would make it happen!

She's got a great tutorial on it so if you want to make one yourself you should go there first to see how it's done. 

There were a few things I did differently though, so I'll share in case you are in the same boat I'm in.

First, I bought 200 spoons which was not enough. I used 300. Second, even though I bought the cheapest ones I could find, I couldn't cut them with scissors so I sawed a notch just at the handle and snapped them by hand. When I tried breaking them without the notch they were really hard to snap, and didn't always break cleanly.

I also couldn't find the wreath forms she used (probably because I was too lazy to go to Michael's and they didn't have them at Joann's) so I cut up a cardboard box we had laying around. I traced our Christmas tree stand to get my large circle and a plate for the small circle.

And then there was much gluing. I used a hot glue gun which was perfect. Just be sure to have PLENTY of glue sticks on hand. This was also the point where I realized I should have taken more care to cut off as much handle as possible. It gets in the way if it's too long, and I had to pull off several spoons that were messing me up.

Once I got my spoons glued on I took it outside and gave it a coat of primer. You should prime your cardboard first by the way. Just... do it. It'll save you time and contorting your body trying to cover the little cardboard bits peeking through. 

Once I primed, I got to work painting. I wanted the ombre look like my inspiration, so I chose one color and added more and more white to it for each row. After I got every petal done and dried I sprayed the whole thing with a shellac to make it shiny.

Once that was dry I glued the mirror and a ribbon for hanging on the back. I used both a hot glue gun and my trusty E-6000 to keep the mirror really stuck on there.

It looks like this :)

Then I hung it in my baby girl's room :)

Hooray! I love it when a craft delivers. Especially when it costs me less than $15.


  1. LOVE!!!!! I may just have to make one of these :)

  2. I love it! And it looks sooo good against the gray wall! You have a lot of patience! I don't know if I could saw 300 spoons hahaha Can't wait to see the finished room :)

  3. Wow! That looks awesome! I love the graduated(?) colors, too. Great job!

  4. OOHHH, I really love this! Good work!!!

  5. I. LOVE. THIS. Really really really love!

  6. Looks awesome. I can't wait to see the rest of the room!

  7. Amazing! Well done. You are an inspiration!

  8. I love this idea! I actually had not seen this on the great great webs before! I will definitely try this as my next project! Was there a particular brand or type of paint you used? How were you adding more white?

  9. That is gorgeous! I need to make one! I love it!
    -Sandy -As Told By Mommy

  10. Rosalie I just used acrylic paint from the craft store. I bought one pink and one white and added more white to my mix for each row.

  11. beautiful!! few questions for you... can you share which shellac spray you used and how big your inner mirror was?

  12. So does that mean that you and hand painted the spoons or did you dip them by chance?

  13. Lauren Lu, I handpainted each spoon which sounds totally tedious but wasn't too bad.
    Design by Rachita I think my mirror was 10' and I used Americana acrylic sealer/finisher in gloss.