Monday, June 11, 2012

Instagram Birthday

Told ya I was addicted. Oh well. 

So... I turned 29 a few weeks ago. I don't like thinking about this being the last year in my 20's so I try not to dwell on it too much. I love the 20's!!

Anyway, I woke up that morning and lounged in bed for a little while (wonderful!) until a little munchkin came to wish me a "happy". Guess he forgot the rest of his line. Then we headed to Krispy Kreme for some delicious doughnuts and ate them at home with two breakfast beverages. Sometimes the drinks are the best part of the meal. 

While we were eating Logan though he'd help me open a present, and then I went and got ready for the day.

Tyson sent me off for a solo shopping trip while he cleaned the house (prince!) and I had a great time trying on clothes and shoes. 

Sidenote about those pants I'm wearing: I hadn't worn them in weeks and when I put them on I discovered they still sorta fit! And by fit, I mean with a hair elastic keeping the button closed of course. But still! I was very impressed with myself. Anyway, when I took them off that night I discovered not one, but two holes in the bum/crotch area where my pants were being torn apart. So I guess I'm at the point where I can only get pre-pregnancy pants on if they are literally ripping at the seams. Sad. 

After shopping I went out to my car and... it wouldn't start. Oh no! I was just about to call Tyson when I thought I'd try one more time, and that's when it started and I made it home.

Prediction: Both cars will die right after the baby is born and we will spend more money in one month than our lifetimes to date.  
After lunch I opened the rest of my presents and the boys went for a bike ride while I worked on a project for young womens. Oh! And a sweet friend stopped by to bring me flowers on my special day.
Later that night we had family over for jimmy johns (I ususally like pizza on my birthday but the heartburn is just soooo bad. :( ) and then we had cheesecake for my birthday treat. 

It was a delicious and wonderful day, thanks to my fantastic family and friends. 

Here goes 29!

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