Thursday, June 7, 2012

Catch up

You GUYS! I'm so behind. And I have so much to tell you about too. I'm just gonna jump in, K?

First, and most importantly, I joined 2012 by getting an iphone. 

And of course, one can not have an iphone without having instagram so I'm totally all over that.

Let me just spare you scrolling through the millions of pictures that I've already taken and just show you a few in a collage.

Now I'm torn between wanting to use the SLR and my phone. It is so much easier to chase (lumber after) my boy with the phone, so it'll probably be that at least for awhile. I'm sure when the baby comes I'll be wanting higher quality pics again though!

And if you want to be my friend on instagram (please do!!) my username is marilowder.

Speaking of baby, here are my preggo pics so far. I've got all these on facebook which is why they haven't appeared on the blog, but for posterity's sake I'll put them here.

12 weeks

16 weeks

20 weeks

25 weeks

28 weeks

32 weeks (yesterday)

Pregnancy details: My thyroid is low so I'm on medication for that. I'm anemic so I'm taking iron. Since I'm taking iron, I'm also taking another pill to keep things moving along (if you've ever taken iron, you know what I mean). I have heartburn so bad I can't even take a nap without choking on stomach acid so I'm on two medications for that.

Plus prenatal vitamins and DHA. 

I need one of those pill organizers but I can't just take everything at once so I'd need it to be organized by the day and hour.

8 weeks left (optimistically), I can do this!

I have lots more to say but I'm going to try to break it up in multiple posts so I'll end with a little craft I did recently. Can't go so long without blogging and not at least have that!

Remember these shoes?


There was a crack, then a piece missing, then I started peeling at it, and now they are hideous. No lasting power.

So I had to give them one more shot before throwing them away (the way I eventually threw away the yellow shoes).

And I ended up with these.

I used some chevron fabric that I had leftover from some pillows I made, then mod podged it to the shoe after painting the shoes white. Then I used some leftover white fabric from my headboard redo and rolled a couple of flowers.

So happy! Maybe I'll wear these ones since they actually look good AND probably won't fall apart :)

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  1. Cute momma! You look great! And your feet are not swollen? Sorry to hear you have to take all that stuff. Just a couple of more months and you'll be holding a beautiful girl! Oh, having a girl is so much fun. Good luck!