Friday, December 9, 2011

Another week down!

Well it's been another crazy week. Somehow I keep finding myself away from home 5-6 nights a week and it is totally draining! I get home at night and I'm like, "Oh, hello man in my house. I think I might be your wife."

We have been able to do a few fun things together though. Last Friday night we had our ward Christmas party. It was pretty much all music, so you know I was busy singing in the choirs.

Well, during the course of the program I had to switch sides of the chapel multiple times to move from choir to choir. During a few of those switches I had to duck/crawl under a projector in the dark as I tried my best to be inconspicuous. 

Due to the hip slimming/blood restricting numbness of the control top pantyhose I was wearing, I didn't realize that my skirt was slowly sliding off my bum with each pass until I reached back to pull my shirt down and found my wasteband hanging off me like some 16-year-old boy's jeans. And I didn't even have colorful boxers on to show off. Just my charcoal L'eggs.

Seriously hoping that the tenors standing behind me were as oblivious as I was.


The next night we went to the Festival of Nativities. 

It was so beautiful! I loved walking around drooling over all the incredible nativities and my heart stopping every time Logan tried to touch one didn't even ruin it for me. 

Meanwhile I've got this at home. Baby Jesus still strapped to his cradle. And why is He so dirty?

Then there's this one. Which is worse? Plastic strap or cradle completely missing?

Good thing for Logan they had some kid friendly stuff at the festival, otherwise it would have been a five minute visit.

Tyson makes a very beautiful Mary I think.

We were smelling frankincense and myrrh. 


This has nothing to do with Christmas but it happened this week. We woke up one morning and this frozen shape had appeared. There wasn't a stick or anything in the water so I'm not sure how it came to be.


We did our annual stocking decorating on Monday. This was also the day that Tyson came home from work and I was complaining because Logan hadn't taken a nap and it had been a long day. He was very loving and supportive even when he said sadly "And did you even get a chance to shower?"
Yes, I had showered! But my blow dryer broke so my hair was a hideous mess; according to Tyson it looked tired. 

Well, it was. But that didn't make decorating any less fun, just less appealing to watch.

Logan was really excited that he got to paint snakes all over his stocking.

Tyson did a traditional tree.

And I did a subway art style stocking. They are ready to be filled!


My favorite (and tallest?) uncle came to visit and had dinner with us and my Aunt Nancy. We had a good time reminiscing about the handful of occasions where we've seen each other and lamented as always that it's not more often. 
 Uh, and to all my other uncles out there, you're my favorite too! :)

The last thing that we did this week, that I took pictures of, was our trip to visit Santa. A nearby dentist office does a free Santa every year and it is crazy busy. This year they decided to spread out the crowd a little bit so they had a petting zoo and games outside while you waited for your turn to see the big man.
 Logan cried right after this because the goat shook his head or something and scared him. 

The fear carried on to his Santa visit.
 Not that there was a chance of him sitting on Santa's lap anyway. 

Here's to another busy week, one closer to Christmas, yay!


  1. You're hair looked really cute in the braided picture. And I like your subway art stocking. Very cute! I'd like to make us some new ones. Right now we just have the cheap fuzzy red and white ones. Plain.
    Lots of busy, but it looks fun from the pictures!

  2. HA! Those pictures of Logan and Tyson as a wise man and Mary respectively literally made me guffaw out loud. :) How fun.

  3. You made me laugh as always. I'm still smiling, thinking of you standing in the church choir, with your bum hanging out!

    Now I want to try to craft some of your cute wreaths, although I am tired just thinking of how long it might take!

  4. I hate to remind you, but my hair dryer dying was just the beginning of a very expensive journey. I hope you fare better than we did. ;)