Monday, July 25, 2011

Tubes for Logan

Well, we can no longer use "he can't hear us" as an excuse for Logan's disobedience (he actually is a pretty obedient guy) because he has now been outfitted with tubes in his ears. 

Although he has had many ear infections, the deciding factor in our tubes decision was that even when his ears weren't infected they were chronically plugged with gunk. Apparently that can do permanent damage to the bones in his ears over time and since the doc couldn't remember an appointment when his ears weren't clogged, we went for it.

So 7:30 Friday morning we headed to the hospital.
 Logan wasn't real sure why his morning routine was being disrupted but he was pretty cheerful in spite of having no breakfast.

And he remained cheerful and pretty easily entertained during our two hour wait.

That was long time for everyone. 
 Eventually the nurse came and got him and took him kicking and screaming down the hall when Tyson and I went back to the waiting room. That was the hardest part for us, but the nurses assured us that the kids always do that so I wasn't as upset as I thought I would be.

They put him to sleep for the procedure (hence the no breakfast) so I was kinda surprised to hear him screaming again when they retrieved us and took us back to see him.

It all made sense when the nurse said he accidentally dropped his car on the floor when he woke up.

He loves his Lightning McQueen and I imagine he thought it would disappear in this strange place.
We took him home soon after and by the time we got him back, he was running around like normal and eating everything in sight. I'm excited to see if this procedure will improve his speech. He is talking quite a bit, but I'm hoping his pronunciation will improve.

We love our little guy and are so relieved to have this over and done with!


  1. boooo. poor little guy! Been there... I hope they work out well for him! (I had tubes til I was 18 years old... the original tubes I had were SUCH old technology, things should work much faster for him!!)

  2. I love the little hospital outfits for toddlers. It's too bad he had to go through it, but at least he looked super adorable!

    Glad it went well!

  3. Oh my Mari, we have done the same thing 3 times with Nelson. My kids are PRONE to ear infections. Kimball was constantly getting them. Some people don't agree about this but I had to try it....the chiropractor. We had a friend at wymount who was going to school to become one and said he always adjusted his little girl. We did Kimball and Nelson and now I swear by it. It is a very simple adjustment, it doesn't hurt them AT ALL. But just for your info, somehow it helps the eustacian tubes drain that nasty fluid. Just cause I like to avoid antibiotics if I can I wanted to try it and it worked for me, anyway take it or leave it. Good luck!

  4. Cardon LOVES Lightening McQueen too. He walks around the house looking for him saying 'McQueen?' 'McQueen'? Lol. These boys need more play dates! Glad to hear all was successful. We had to take Cardon to the ER while we were in San DIego (another blog post) and I was almost in tears (held them back) just telling the nurse what happened. He fell on the step of the pool and split his chin open. Sigh. Boys....

  5. Hooray! I'm so glad everything went well!

  6. oh poor little logan! it is good to hear that everything went well and logan is feeling ok.