Monday, July 11, 2011

Pictures of meeeeee!! and logan.

Okay, mostly Logan. When I was in Arizona we had our pictures taken by my lovely cousin Jen (who by the way is a fab photographer in the Mesa area. if you need pics you should call her) and I've been meaning to show them to you ever since we got them back.
Logan wasn't super happy this day. He had been in the car for over two hours, did not take a very good nap, and was getting hungry when we did our shoot. Still, Jen got some good stuff out of him!
We should have known he would have found a puddle to play with in the Arizona desert.
I'm so excited to hang these all over my house!
It will be a shrine to my boy and me.
Sorry Tyson ;)


  1. Mari! Your cousin rocks! Awesome pics! and what a HANDSOME little guy! Too bad my daughter is too old for him.. (Ho - Hum!)

  2. Oh, and Man! Your hair is LONG, girl!

  3. Love all of them. Super cute! So sweet, just you and Logan!!