Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This one's for you mom

I keep telling my mutha about all the crafts I'm doing and she keeps telling me to take a picture and put it on the blog so she can see it, so here you go!

First, remember this?
Yes, the wreath of coolness.

I finished it, yay! Seriously, it took me about three of Logan's naps plus almost a whole dictionary and 5 glue sticks.
I think it belongs in the green room, don't you?

Speaking of the green room (which always smells like pickles, weird yeah?) I made some panels to go on the wall.
There's that green fabric, so pretty!

My next project was a bit of a transformation, but not that much really. Logan and I found this frame at Goodwill for $5 and decided to turn it into a dry erase board. Hopefully Paige doesn't mind me revamping her frame!

I put a fresh coat of paint on the frame, cleaned up the glass, and hot glued fabric to the cardboard. I love it! Totally useful and the orange is great.

I've actually been a little obsessed with orange lately and am trying to put pops of it in my kitchen. I think this next project may go somewhere above the cabinets.

And my last work in progress...
He's playing peek-a-boo.

We're still working on that whole covering your eyes part.



  1. Cool stuff, yeah! Thanks for sharing with your ever lovin' mutha. And Logan. . . well, what can I say? Cuteness personified? Darlingist baby ever? No words, no words.

  2. can i come over and craft with you? wait....might take me a while :)

  3. I LOVE your dry erase board... I can't believe I haven't thought of doing that fabric behind the glass thing. Very cool!! And I also like your wreath! Good thing you put it up right away. I know at some point babies favorite thing to do it rip/eat paper..he he. Love the other fabric panel things. Girl, you are so talented!

  4. Wow, how did you come up with those? Very cute! So, what did you use on the wreath?

  5. We Craft Day ladies haven't seen these finished projects either so thanks for the viewing--they're gorgeous--well done!

  6. Super cute. A friend of mine just finished the same wreath. I thought for sure yours would be sheet music... maybe a thought for over the piano someday eh? :)

    You are so creative.

  7. You are so crafty, I love getting ideas from you!

  8. you are so talented Mari, I love all your crafts- maybe your craftiness can rub off on me!!!

  9. yeah, the camera just doesn't do it justice.