Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kissy face

Ah, sweet Logan.

Tyson taught him how to give kisses last week and since then he has become a kissing machine. When he gets it in his head that he wants to give you a kiss... you're getting one. Or 17.

I adore it of course. Nothing like feeling baby love in the form of a drooly open mouth pressed against your face, ear, or neck.

Unfortunately it may be time to have a little talk about who we kiss and who we do not kiss. Does he give his grandparents kisses? No. The strange man working at the Fred Meyer jewelry department who gave him a twinkie and then got a little too close? Yes.

And I realize there are more things wrong with the above sentence than just the kissing. He didn't eat the twinkie.

Oh how I love that kid.

Here are a few other things he's been up to lately.

He creates circles of protection with his toys so the LOST smoke monster can't get him.

He sings to me.

He gives me cheesy smiles.

He poops all over his cute outfit and makes me change him.
I got those sandals that he's hiding for $1.50 today by the way. Boo-yah!

And he loves hanging out with his friends.
With no pants on.

He lives a good life, this boy of mine.


  1. I remember those kisses. Lately Reg has decided a passionate lick is the way to express affection. At least it's not a bite, right?

    BTW. I just went through a bunch of your old posts trying to find a pic of how to carry a baby front facing in the baby bjorn and laughed so hard again at the pictures of Logan's evolving smiles. Does he still smile like that--showing all his teeth/gums? Please say yes.

  2. Ahh, it's nice to have you back, my girl! Can I just say what everyone is thinking? That Logan is the most adorable baby ever? Well, at least in my world. Cute pics.

  3. totally have the overall doggy outfit for my kiddo :)

  4. He is so cute. We can't wait to see you guys again! Where did all this hair come from? He's a blondie. So cute.

  5. $1.50 for sandals? Great bargain! Logan's friends are dang cute kids!

  6. Love all those pics of Logan, so cute!!

  7. I love those kisses!!! He is such a cutie - who wouldn't want kisses from him?!?
    BTW, your crafts are super cute. I don't know how you made that wreath but it should be in pottery barn or something. You rock!