Monday, January 4, 2010

I suppose it's time I blog again. Also, Happy New Year!

For some reason I have a really hard time blogging about big events, like say, Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving, etc. Pretty sure it's because I'm kicking back having a grand old time and I forget to take pictures, then I feel like I have nothing to show after all that fun. Oh well.

I decided that I would just put up the pictures I did take (in between eating milky ways out of my stocking) and use those to sum up this last week and half.

Logan has discovered his reflection and thoroughly enjoyed giggling at himself in the balls. He also likes to look at himself in the mirror and doesn't seem perturbed at all that the baby in the mirror is also being held by his mom.

Here we are on Christmas Eve. I was trying to keep Logan's fist out of his mouth for 2 seconds so we could see his face. He was none too happy about it, but we caught a moment in between hollers of frustration.

After a talent show at the In-laws where kids sang and Tyson and I played a lovely viola/trumpet duet, plus delicious food and a reading of Luke, Logan was ready for bed and I was wishing he wasn't in the 75% for weight.

Don't want Santa to forget about us!

Tyson (who prefers to wake at 5 Christmas morning) was struggling to stay in bed while we waited for Logan to get up. I'll admit the tree doesn't glow quite as bright when Christmas is celebrated after the sun comes up.

Is it bad that we only got him a couple things and didn't even bother to wrap them? We figure he won't so much remember this Christmas...

Bumbo ahoy!

Here I am with the best present ever!

A screwdriver!

Ok, it might not have been my favorite gift but it is a very useful one indeed. Thanks mom! :-) Reminds me of the year that my dad put tools in our stockings so we could help him around the house. I've never been so confused by a wire bristled brush.

No, I must say the best present came in this little box. Inside? A three stone sapphire ring set in white gold. Oh be still my heart!

Sapphires are Logan's birthstone and I'd been dreaming of a ring like this since I found out he was going to be due in September. I felt like I was in a jewelry commercial and I had the "every kiss begins with Kay" song stuck in my head for hours after.

Even though the ring was from Fred Meyer.

Sorry there isn't a picture of the ring. I forgot to take one of course. And why, you may be wondering, am I in different clothes on what should be the same morning? Well, we took this picture the next day for posterity. Because we forgot Christmas morning.

A few days later, better late than never I suppose, we got snow!

I should have taken one after the four inches fell.

And just for fun and randomness' sake, here's one of our little stud in an outfit he got for Christmas.

Actually two because I couldn't decide which one I liked better.


  1. Ah what a cute little man. And hurray for a little sparkle for christmas!

  2. What a fun Christmas. And for snow, I wish I could send you some of ours. We have a lot!

  3. What a cute little outfit! I love it! Adorable smile, too!
    I was hoping you'd blog soon. And don't even go there about the 75% for weight! Jack was in the 90th% give or take for months!!

  4. definitely like the suit picture. ADORABLE! You just wanna bite his cheeks, he's so cute!

  5. "The Stud" is indeed a stud!! Sooooo cute!!

  6. Those Bumbo chairs are so cool! Logan doesn't look too sure about it, though. I'm glad your Christmas was great.

  7. OMGosh how cute is he?! Looks like a fabulous Christmas. It is SO much more fun with kids. Just the next couple of years & really gets good. ;)